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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Aug 16, 2016

15 Genius Products That Are Necessary When You Have Your Period

Not even cramps should cramp your style.

Zoë Burnett / Buzzfeed

1. This oversized sleep shirt with your mantra on it:

Sizes range from 4 to 10. Get it here ($21).

2. This plush teddy bear that's also a heating pad:

You can get it here ($15.61). You can also DIY your own here.

3. Or this pet-pouch hoodie so that a puppy can act as your own personal heating pad:

Get it here ($85).

4. This cinema marquee light for when day-two hell breaks loose:

Get it here ($59).

5. This mug that will stop people before they even start with that shit:

Get it here ($8).

6. This massive gummy bear that's essentially 1,400 gummies in one:

Get it here ($39.99).

7. This squishy Pop-Tart that you can cuddle with:

Get it here ($20).

8. A bag of chocolate vagina lollipops:

Get a bag of 12 here ($24).

9. This hand cream that looks good enough to eat:

Get it here ($9.17).

10. This jersey comforter that's basically a soft tee for your entire body:

Get it here ($169).

11. This shark-fin tea infuser that resonates with your cramp levels:

Get it here ($12.95).

12. This full-sized body pillow that hugs you while you sleep:

Get it here ($99.95).

13. This PJ set that tells the world to back the hell off:


Get it here ($33).

14. This giant Kit Kat box filled with smaller Kit Kats:

Get it here ($22.99).

15. And lastly, these slip-ons that are not taking any bullshit this week:

Get them here ($74).