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    This Floating Eyeliner Hack Is A Game-Changer For People With Monolids

    The more you know.

    Getting the perfect cat eye can literally be a pain.

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    It's agonizing, people.

    And if you have monolids, you know that the look can be ~extra~ tricky.

    There's a chance you cover your entire lid in liner to get the look. There's also a chance you've given up completely.

    Which is why you should try floating eyeliner.

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    Tell me more.

    How it works: Instead of drawing a cat eye along your lash line, apply the liner in the crease so that it ~floats~ above your eye.

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    The blogger of Working With Monolids uploaded step-by-step photos of the technique to Imgur. "The trick is just to keep your eyes open and draw the floating liner as if your eye line is the same as your lash line," she wrote.

    You can also focus more on the outer corners and then blend it into a shadow.

    Get the tutorial here.

    Or try a shimmery, iridescent liner for a more ~whimsical~ look.

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    Nail that Frozen cat eye and then just let it go.

    ~Cat eyes~ FTW.