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    17 Five-Minute Hairstyles If You Suck At Doing Your Hair

    Look like you tried without really trying...for all hair types!


    2. Running so late that your hair is still wet from the shower? Just crown braid or rope twist wet hair and roll it into a bun.

    3. Make a faux undercut with a deep part and a braid.

    4. Opt for an undone sock bun that feels so damn romantic.

    5. Got short curly hair? Turn three flat pins into a triangle to seriously keep hair out of your face and look stylish as hell.

    6. Make a curly faux hawk TO DIE FOR in under 10 minutes.

    7. If a bun is your go-to last-minute look, try three all at once.

    8. Add a curl or two to short hair.

    9. Create a vintage-inspired look in little to no time.

    10. Ditch your classic three-stand braid for a much easier *bubble* braid.

    11. If you want to take your messy bun to the next level, wrap your hair around the base.

    12. Use a few embellished hair pins to turn a small braid into a statement.

    13. Turn 2-second pigtails into a pulled-back crown braid.

    14. Set your hair in perm rods the night before and make your life SO much easier.

    15. Double layer your ponytail to make it look twice as long.

    16. For short, natural hair, throw on a headband.

    17. Start and finish this elegant updo before you run out the door.

    18. Do you have braids? Feel like the *queen* you are with a cuffed crown.

    We got this.