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    Posted on Oct 30, 2015

    This Guy Got A $60,000 First-Class Flight For $300 And You Can Do It Too

    You need to hear his miles hack.

    Meet Sam Huang, a 26-year-old travel blogger and wanderlust aficionado.

    Sam Huang / Via Twitter: @topmiles

    He also runs the travel blog TopMiles.

    Huang loves traveling more than anything else.

    Sam Huang / Via

    So when he wanted to upgrade his traveling experience...

    Yes, that's a plane and not an NYC club.

    ...he decided to hack the miles system and get a $60,000 flight around the world for $300.

    Sam Huang

    His flight on Emirates — which offers one of the most luxurious first-class options available — went from Singapore to New York with stops in seven cities. "A couple years ago, I was traveling abroad and I met someone who said he flew for free," Huang tells BuzzFeed Life. "I was skeptical, but then I got hooked on trying to find miles loopholes."

    And just HOW luxurious is this flight exactly?

    Sam Huang

    Well, there's your private seat pod complete with a flatscreen, mini-vanity, and a fully reclining chair/bed.

    Sam Huang

    And then there are the fancy meals.

    Sam Huang

    "The appetizers were definitely gourmet," Huang says. "The main entrees were on par with your local restaurant, which is not surprising because most of the items are loaded in at the airport and reheated on the plane."

    I MEAN.

    Sam Huang

    That cheese plate is nicer than the ones I order ON THE GROUND.

    Did I mention that you have your own personal minibar?

    Sam Huang

    For when they're not handing you unlimited glasses of Dom Perignon, of course.

    Oh yeah, and the SHOWER. THERE'S A SHOWER, PEOPLE.

    Sam Huang

    "The first thing you notice about the shower spa is that it's big," says Huang. "The spa also has a heated floor." Because what's feeling like a non-garbage person on a plane without warm tootsies.

    After all the mile-high swag, the bed doesn't even seem like a big deal anymore.

    Sam Huang

    Even though I have never considered selling my first-born child until trying to sleep on a 16-hour flight.

    Ahhhhhh, the power of ~miles~.

    Sam Huang / Via

    "You can earn 100,000 miles (a long one-way flight in first class) in as little as four months," says Huang. To get the deets on how he hacks his miles plan, go here.

    Happy flying!

    Apatow Productions / Relativity Media

    And may the miles be with you.

    Watch the full video of Huang's amazing first-class trip here.

    View this video on YouTube

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