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This Artist Makes Extremely Detailed Portraits Using Fire And It's Impressive

Art it with fire.

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Spazuk practices the ancient technique of fumage or using a kerosene lamp or candle to make smoke impressions.

"I started to work with fire in 2001," Spazuk tells BuzzFeed Life. "The marks I leave on the paper are actually traces of soot."



Spazuk works on thick acid-free paper and uses various brushes to add detail to his work. "The soot is extremely fragile—when I decide the painting is finished, I spray a varnish on the canvas to preserve it."

"When I put the flame to paper, I don’t know what I'm going to get and that's the pure joy of working with soot."

Steven Spazuk / Via

"I just wait for a figurative revelation like a child looking up at the clouds," Spazuk says.

Watch the full video of Spazuk's magical fire art here.

View this video on YouTube / Via Patrick Peris / Steven Spazuk