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This Woman Uses Makeup To Make A Chilling Statement About Gender Stereotypes

Do you know what it feels like for a girl?

This is 24-year-old makeup artist Jordan Hanz.

Hanz is known for her insanely fantastical makeup ~skillz~.

Instagram: @jordanhanz

Her looks take between three and five hours to create, and you can see a bunch of them here.

But for a new project, Hanz decided to make a video about how derogatory labels can affect women.

"I was watching the VMAs, and saw Amber Rose's statement outfit," Hanz tells BuzzFeed Life. "I was instantly inspired by her."

Hanz spent hours making a stop-motion video where hurtful words appear on her body.

Hanz, who used Kryolan and Mehron Makeup body paints, said she thought about the stereotypes that she and the women in her life have had to fight against.

"As a woman who speaks out against others, I've often been called a bitch," Hanz says.

"There is such a double standard when it comes to powerful men and women," she says.

As the video goes on, more labels appear on her skin.

As a victim of sexual assault, writing the words "asking for it" really hit home for Hanz.

"After I was assaulted, I was made to feel that it was my fault," says Hanz. "Victim-blaming and slut-shaming is something that I want to break down."

"Writing the words on my body was actually more emotional than I thought it would be."

But then, Hanz wipes the words off of her face like the color goddess she is.

"If we love each other, and have unbreakable self-love, NOTHING can hurt us," she says. "We are strong, bad-ass women that are ladylike as fuck, because WE choose how we see ourselves."