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    19 DIY Wedding Shower Favors That Are Stupid Easy

    They could work as wedding favors, too!

    1. Get ready to pop some bottles with mini champagne kits — note the straw for immediate drinking.

    2. Celebrate the upcoming knot-tying with ring dishes for everyone.

    3. Put together stunning photo books of friends and family.

    4. To prep guests for an upcoming outdoorsy wedding, dole out s'mores kits at the bridal shower.

    5. Pour homemade limoncello into small bottles for a boozy favor they'll love.

    6. Put a collection of tiny succulents on a table and invite guests to choose their fave.

    7. DIY cute matchboxes for a match made in heaven.

    8. Toss kernels and popcorn seasonings into Mason jars and tie on labels.

    9. Or give out mini popcorn bags for guests to snack on during the ride home.

    10. Fill test tubes with a lovely tea blend.

    11. Make pine-scented candles to celebrate an upcoming winter wedding.

    12. Or use small vials to make specialty hot chocolate mixes.

    13. Fill paper bags with the couple's favorite candies and dole out to guests.

    14. Make colorful scented soap stacks.

    If the couple loves to travel, try scents that speak to their greatest adventures (like a lavender soap if they love France or a basil scent if they met while studying abroad in Florence). You can also add all-natural mini beauty serums to punch up the favors with an extra dose of wellness. Get the tutorial here and the mini serums here.

    15. Place mini meringues in cute boxes.

    16. Bag up some spiced nuts for a lovely fall bridal shower.

    17. Give guests cute honey jars.

    18. Dole out nail polish colors that fit the wedding ~color palette~ so guests will have perfect manicures for the big day.

    19. Make cute instant sweet tea Mason jars for a Southern celebration.

    And get ready to *celebrate*.