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    15 Game-Changing Eyeliner Charts If You Suck At Makeup

    Line 'em up up up.

    1. Get acquainted with the different areas of your eye when it comes to ~makeup~.

    2. Determine what kind of eye shape you have.

    3. Apply winged eyeliner that works for your eye shape.

    4. Know your brushes to keep your eyeliner looking damn fresh.

    5. Pick the perfect eyeliner color for your look.

    6. Brush up on the names of the most popular eyeliner techniques.

    7. Pick the perfect tools for your ideal eyeliner look.

    8. If you have a shaky hand, just connect the dots.

    9. If you're in a rush, apply your liner and curl your lashes all at the same time.

    10. For a quick trick to get a perfect cat eye, draw an acute triangle from the middle of your lid outward and fill it in.

    11. For a more dramatic cat eye, draw a triangle from the outer corner and connect it to the lower lash-line.

    12. For a smokier ~lewk~, swipe your lash line with a precision liner brush to smudge it out.

    13. Tightline your eyes to make them look *striking* AF.

    14. And tightline your lower waterline for totally different eye ~vibes~.

    15. Don't underestimate the power of white eyeliner.

    The future is *bright* with this one.