You Won't Be Able To Un-See These Angora Rabbits Feeling Their Look

    Everyday I'm fluffelin.

    1. "Is it humid today? It feels a bit humid to me."

    2. "You're so paranoid, Ralph. It's not humid. BTW, I call this my cloud look."

    3. "Brian, your 'cloud' has nothing on my 'cotton ball'."

    4. "Um, I guess you guys haven't seen my cotton candy yet."

    5. 'Gentlemen, gentlemen. Behold...cotton ball with a nose."

    6. "Stop showing off, Carl!"

    7. "Guys! Guys! Check out my..."

    8. "GAAAAAH! Boy thinks I'm his pillow again!!!!"

    9. "Relax, Amos. He just thinks you're cute."

    10. "I mean...the kid's right. We look good."

    11. I'm feelin' myself...I'm feelin' myself...I'm feelin' my...feelin' myself...