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    Here's Exactly How To Eat Like A Local Around The World

    Everyone knows that the best part of traveling is the food.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Don't use chopsticks in Thailand—unless you're eating soup...

    2. And don't leave Thailand without trying Nam Tok Moo.

    3. Get a bento box in a Japanese train station.

    Jodi Ettenberg / Via

    "You can find insane bento boxes just as you're getting on the trains—they are often sold at kiosks on the platform itself," Ettenberg says. "While travelling through the country, businessmen would quietly pull out their bento boxes and munch away as the bullet train sped on."

    4. Put your wrists on the table in Russia.

    "In Russia, it's seen as suspicious to put your hands under the table," Ettenberg says. "Always put your wrists on the edge of the table (not in your lap) while eating."

    5. Have a cornetto and a cappuccino for breakfast in Italy...

    "Convinced that milk after a meal is bad for digestion, mornings are the only time Italians will drink cappuccino, but only if they can sit and relax," travel expert and co-founder of Better Way To Italy Sarah Walton tells BuzzFeed Life. "If they're in a hurry, Italians will opt for an espresso instead." As for the brioche-like cornetto, some people will eat it plain and others will layer on spreads like jam, cream, or Nutella.

    6. And don't ask for oil to dip your bread during dinner...

    7. And don't expect dishes to come out all at once.

    8. Don't put your chopsticks vertically downward into a bowl while eating in Asian countries.

    9. Eat only with your right hand in India.

    10. Order bun rieu in Vietnam.

    11. Eat menemen during a weekend brunch in Turkey...

    12. And definitely drink Turkish salep.

    13. Start your day with a tartine in France...

    14. And end your day with the local aperitif and digestif.

    15. Get dinner at a quilo in Brazil...

    16. And snack on pastel de feira.

    17. Stuff yourself with fairy bread in Australia.

    Fairy bread is the magical combination of white bread + plenty of butter + sprinkles. It's a common kid's snack, but most people never grow out of it.