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    14 Insanely Easy Makeup Tips To Master Today

    If school's making you sweat, at least your eyeliner will stay intact.

    1. Rub face primer onto your forehead and nose to keep it from getting shiny throughout the day.

    2. Opt for a brow pencil that contains wax so that it won’t rub off.

    3. To make your eyes look bigger in a ~natural~ way, apply a nude eye pencil to your bottom waterline.

    4. If you use liquid foundation, apply it in crisscross strokes to keep it from looking streaky when you sweat.

    5. And dab (don’t drag) a little powder foundation on top of the liquid foundation to set it.

    6. Try a creamy lip stain like Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick ($21) so you don't have to reapply between classes.

    7. Or forgo lipstick altogether and enhance your lips by applying a balm and dabbing a little highlighter at the center of your top lip.

    8. You can also apply an almost-nude lipstick and then add a dab of gloss in the center of your lips for the same effect.

    9. Get the dewy look with minimal makeup by just adding a bit of highlighter to your foundation.

    10. To make any lipstick look matte and last longer, dab translucent powder on top of the lipstick.

    11. Make your eyebrow *dreams* become a reality with this chart:

    12. If you want eyeliner that stays put, use a 24-hour waterproof GEL eyeliner.

    13. ALWAYS nail the perfect look with the right brush.

    14. If you're running late for class but you'd rather be caught DEAD than without your eyeliner, just connect the dots.

    And there you have it: You've graduated beauty school.