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25 Genius Hacks That Make Having A Dog So Much Easier

If your dog eats too fast, there's a hack for that.

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3. Use a carabiner to easily leash your dog.

Don't spend 10 minutes undoing knots when you get out of the grocery store. Loop the leash handle through the carabiner, wrap it around a post, and hook it onto the remaining length of leash.

4. Put a ball in your dog’s food bowl if he or she eats too fast.

They’ll be forced to move the ball around the bowl, which prevents them from scarfing it all down in one lick. Read more about it here.


7. Make a dog car seat using a laundry basket, a pillow, and a blanket.

To keep your dog safe and in one spot, wrap a blanket around a pillow, place the pillow in the laundry basket, and use the excess fabric to drape around the basket to soften the edges. There's a chance you'll want to curl up in there, too.

9. And if you want to reduce clutter in the bedroom, put your crate where a drawer would go.

Add a small tension rod and sheer fabric to make it disappear during the day. Learn how to make it here.


12. To save on floor space, put your dog's bowls in a bottom drawer.

Plain & Fancy by Dandamudi’s

Attach a few strips of adhesive-backed Velcro ($2.89) to the bottom of each bowl and to the bottom of the drawer to make sure they don't slide around. Or get custom stainless steel inserts here.

14. And if you accidentally cut your dog's nail too short, stop any bleeding with a mixture of cornstarch and water.

Taste Of Southern / Via

Apply it to the bleeding nail with a cotton swab — the paste will coagulate the blood and stop it from flowing. If you're out of cornstarch, try flour or baking soda instead.

16. And if your pet loses a toy while you're on the road, make a crinkle toy from a sock and an empty water bottle.


17. Use a squeegee to remove dog hair from your car seats.

If you don't have a squeegee, put on rubber dishwashing gloves and brush the seat, going in one direction to sweep up the hair. Learn more about it here.

18. For the dog that’s constantly trying to climb into the front seat: Use this zip line harness.

20. Use chalk around outdoor pet bowls to keep ants out.

Ants won't cross a chalk line because it interferes with their ability to follow scent trails left by other ants, according to SF Gate.

21. If it's really hot or really cold out, rub Vaseline onto your dog's paws before stepping outside.

John Moore / Getty Images

This will protect the dog's feet from salt and keep the paws from getting burned on hot pavement. After your walk, you can just rinse the paws in warm water to get rid of any salt or chemicals they might have picked up. Get more info here.

22. If your dog scratches the door to go out, use a door protector to minimize damages.

Get it here ($20). You can also make your own door protector by applying clear contact paper to the part of the door where your dog is likely to scratch.

23. Make your own pill pockets in flavors you know your dog will love.

Roll the mixture into small balls, poke a hole in each ball with a pencil eraser (for the pill), and stick in the refrigerator overnight. Get the recipe here.

24. If your dog is an escape artist, get an escape prevention dog harness.

This will keep your pet from slipping through gate and fence cracks. Harness sizes range from extra small to extra large. Get it here ($28.95).


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