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15 Genius DIYs To Keep Your Stuff From Getting Lost At School

'Cuz high school is challenging enough already.

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5. If everyone in class has the same shoes, use a hot glue gun to write your name on the bottom of your pair.

Now, you won't have to argue with Kimberly (also size 7 wearing white Adidas) in the locker room. Also, this trick helps add more traction to the bottom of your shoes.


14. If you're always misplacing papers, try these cheap and easy binder clips.

Unlike a folder (where papers can easily fall out), these binder clips hold on tight to your tests and homework so they'll never go missing again. Get the tutorial here.

15. And lastly, if you're usually losing your *shit* at school, DIY a unicorn stress ball to keep tension low.

Sometimes you lose your shit and sometime your LOSE YOUR SHIT. For the latter, try this relaxing lil' guy. Check out the tutorial here.