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    We Asked 17 People To Style A Denim Jacket And The Results Are Badass

    You ~probs~ already have a jean jacket lying around — here's how to give it an upgrade.

    1. Yuna

    2. Tanesha Awasthi

    3. Amina Mucciolo

    4. Sofia B

    5. Freddie Harrel

    6. Claudia Felix Garay

    7. Jamal Jackson

    8. Naballah Chi

    Blog: Naballah Chi

    Instagram: @naballahchi

    "A good denim jacket should be a staple piece of clothing in everyone's closet because it can be worn with just about anything. I like to wear a denim jacket with a brightly colored skirt or pair of pants. It creates a nice balance in the outfit."

    * London by Sultan Est. Snapback, $33.99

    * Zara Denim Jacket, $49.99

    9. Britney Blacksher

    10. Anthony Urbano

    Blog: Oh Antonio

    Instagram: @oh_anthonio

    "I can appreciate the rugged masculinity of Americana workwear. Sturdy boots, a denim work jacket, and some broken-in chinos are what I think about for this work-inspired fashion trend. Basically if you can saw, weld, or paint in it, then you can wear it as the fashunz, too."

    * Asos Catarzi Wide Brim Unstructured Fedora Hat, $47.44

    * Asos New Look Worker Jacket In Blue, $43

    * Freenote Cloth Pocket T-Shirt, $55

    * Life After Denim Freestyle Chino, $96.20

    * Wolverine Evans Navy Boots, $400

    * Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Dome Backpack, $395

    11. Alicia Nicholls

    12. Vanessa Balli

    13. Rameet Chawla

    Website: Fueled

    Instagram: @Rameet

    "It's actually okay to occasionally rock a Canadian Tuxedo."

    * Levi's Trucker Jacket, $89.50

    * Red's Outfitters Fain Sunglasses, $175

    * John Fluevog Twin Turbines 104 Prince Street, $299

    * Nick Fouquet Hat, $1,500

    14. Georgette

    15. Sheila Rashid

    16. Melanie Elturk

    17. Tommy Lei

    Blog: My Belonging

    Instagram: @mybelonging

    "Confession: I am a die-hard feminist. The folks over at Saint Vivian Worth generously hand-painted this piece for me; it’s chic, visceral, provocative and damn cool altogether. And I simply cannot get over how luscious the fur collar is. These elements give it a DIY-vibe. As per my usual uniform, I kept it all neutral with a Uniqlo turtleneck and Tom Ford mirror aviators."

    * Saint Vivian Worth "Femme Fatale" Unisex Denim Jacket, $1,475

    * Uniqlo Men Soft Touch Turtleneck Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $5.90

    * Acne Studios Trousers, $320

    * Tom Ford Marlon Square Polarized Sunglasses, $430

    * Saint Laurent Zip-Up Ankle Boots, $895