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Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Apr 1, 2015

17 Dads Who Will Do Literally Anything To Make Their Daughters Happy

Parenting on lock.

1. This dad who took his daughter to a One Direction concert.

I now know what real pain looks like.

2. This man who is thoroughly enjoying teatime...


3. But not more than this dad.

Became a dad. This is how we party now.

4. This genius/comfy dad.

I raise my glass to you, sir.

5. This man who got unexpected relief from the summer heat.

Pee down dat back.

6. This princess dad.

7. This dad-turned-coloring-book.!

A masterpiece.

8. This Queen Elsa dad...

Olaf needed a little context.

9. Or this Princess Leia dad...

He loves her. She knows.

10. Or this Wonder Woman dad...

Look at that sass.

11. Or this Little Red Riding Hood dad.

Ball so hard.

12. This guy whose daughter really wanted a swing set.

Is he available for parties?

13. This hungry dad.

"She likes it when we eat at HER table."

14. This pedicured dad.

Pink is his signature color.

15. This bow-wearing dad.

"My daughter likes me to wear hair-bows with her."

16. This styled dad.

There's some Baby Spice realness.

17. This dancing dad.


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