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This Cursing Coloring Book Is Fucking Brilliant

Color the shit out of yourself.

Is cursing your first language?

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After that comes my fucking baller English ~skills~.

Then meet your new BFF: The Sweary Coloring Book

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An adult coloring book that curses? How fucking beautiful.

Illustrator Sarah Bigwood of Chelmsford, England, artfully drew 20 of her favorite curse words.

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She created a Kickstarter to help fund the project.

And since she's British, there are some inspiring *U.K.* curses you might want to add to your repertoire.

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How fucking fancy of you to have British curses.

Case in point: KNOB CHEESE.

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The swear to end all swears.


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I have no idea what a twat waffle is, but I'm sure you don't want one for breakfast.

The book is spiral bound, which means your fave coloring pages can also be torn out to become your fave posters.

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And each book costs a little under $15.

PixieRah Designs / Via Facebook: pixierahdesigns

You can get one here. Or you can get a digital download of the book here for $19.81.

Now you can curse your way to relaxation.

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