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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    Here's A Super-Lazy Way To Make Your Cookies Look Fancy AF

    And it only takes two seconds.

    Cookie decorating can be an art form.

    And like all art forms, there are Michelangelos and then there are Pollocks.

    But now you can make your cookies look fly AF with zero effort.

    "Zero effort, you say? Tell me more."

    Meet your new BFF: the embossed rolling pin

    Check this skull one out at Dough Roller ($28).

    All you have to do is roll the pin over your dough.

    Mei-Ying Chow / Via

    Just roll it up, girl.

    Use cookie cutters to cut out your super-cool shapes.

    Mei-Ying Chow / Via

    Bake 'em up.

    And TA-DA!

    Profesh-looking cookies in seconds.

    You can use an embossed rolling pin to get festive.

    Get this bat-embossed rolling pin perfect for Halloween here ($28).

    Or to make cookies that celebrate every season.

    Get this snowflake roller here ($30).

    Or to celebrate your fandom in food form every damn day.

    Get a Harry Potter-inspired rolling pin here ($35).

    You can even personalize them to start growing your own cookie business.

    Or to make your cookie swap contribution SUPER clear. Get a personalized one here ($32).

    If all else fails you can just use it as a DIY massager.

    Don't take my word for it.

    Happy ~rolling~.

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