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17 Expert Tips To Help Couples Actually Solve Relationship Issues

These relationship hacks might change everything.

1. Sit on a comfy couch if you want to negotiate.

2. Start conversations with "I" instead of "you."

3. Take an adult time-out, but with a set amount of time.

4. In an argument, put your hand on your heart.

5. Work out or run together to release anger safely.

6. Hold hands before a big talk.

7. Turn your feeling into a request.

8. Don't have a big discussion right before bed.

9. Wait a beat before responding to them.

10. Set ground rules for arguing.

11. Ride out the negotiation phase of your relationship.

12. Address them with a nickname.

13. Recognize the signs of when your fighting has become toxic...and don't be afraid to get help.

14. Use your feelings to make a change.

15. Don't vent to friends about your partner until you have made some headway in the argument.

16. Try a few sessions of premarital therapy.

17. Encourage your partner to learn more about themselves.