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    17 Impossibly Easy Kitchen DIYs That Only Look Expensive

    Cheap never looked this good.

    1. For a cool storage solution, place a tension rod over the stove to hang pots and pans.

    2. And use a copper pipe as a paper towel holder.

    3. You can also stick Command hooks on busy wallpaper for a lazily cool way to store stuff.

    4. If you want to upgrade cheap IKEA shelves, spray-paint the hardware gold.

    5. For a lazy backsplash, use a patterned wall decal.

    6. You can also use marble contact paper ($25) for a chic DIY backsplash.

    7. And while you're at it, put some marble contact paper on the top and sides of the counter for a super high-end ~lewk~.

    8. If your place is lacking counter space, just merge two kitchen carts together.

    9. You can also try some open shelving to store stuff and add interest to a blank wall.

    10. DIY a minimalist pegboard for storage that doubles as art.

    11. And upgrade your refrigerator with gold duct tape ($5).

    12. You can also do dots on your dishwasher.

    13. Use house numbers to make a big empty wall look awesome AF.

    14. Or try giant Washi tape to create a faux wallpaper feel.

    15. For a bar cart that'll impress everyone, put wheels and handles on an Ikea Kallax bookshelf ($49.99).

    16. Or spray-paint a cheap service cart gold and use the bottom for storage.

    17. And if you're feeling creative, secure an old suitcase to a TV table for a cool, creative bar.

    Your new kitchen decor is going to be on fire.

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