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29 Impossibly Stylish Cat Gifts, In Order Of Awesomeness

Meow we're talking.

Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed

1. This positively perfect cross-body FLASK:

That's right — get your drink on with a hands-free flask. Get it here ($29.99).

2. This minimalist cat sweatshirt:

Get it here ($46.40).

3. These cool cat earrings:

Get them here ($12.99).

4. This incredible masterpiece of a tank:

Get it here ($39).

5. These incredible cat head leggings:

Get them here ($28.50).

6. This cozy black cat onesie:

Get it here ($49.99).

7. This metallic cat tee:

Get it here ($35).

8. This creepy/cool cat crop top:

Get it here ($24).

9. This tee that totally gets you:

Get it here ($28).

10. These subtle black kitty boots:

Get them here ($75).

11. These cute sheer cat socks:

Get them here ($7.50).

12. This feline coin purse:

Get it here ($7.50).

13. This kitty corset:

Get it here ($25).

14. This totally smitten kitten bag:

Get it here ($37.50).

15. These classy bow tie cat tights:

Get them here ($16.50).

16. This cozy knitted cat beanie:

Get it here ($18.50).

17. These peekaboo cat sneakers:

Get them here ($55).

18. This lace cat ear headband:

Get it here ($12.99).

19. This bewitching black cat bag:

Get it here ($39.99).

20. These super cool mint cat flats:

Get them here ($59.99).

21. This peekaboo cat tote:

Get it here ($39.99).

22. This sweet kitty necklace:

Get it here ($39.99).

23. These positively adorable cat silhouette gloves:

Get them here ($34.99).

24. This precious collared cat shirt:

Get it here ($49.99).

25. These actual kitten heels:

Get them here ($64.99).

26. This pizza cat tank:

Get it here ($24).

27. This lacy kitty cat bra:

Get it here ($45.50).

28. These striped cat undies:

Get these here ($49).

29. And lastly, this most awesome furry cat mask:

Get it here ($19.99).

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