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    14 Expert Ways To Tell If Clothes Are Well-Made Or Super Cheap

    Increase your shopping IQ.

    1. To quickly assess an item's quality, hold the fabric up to a bright light.

    2. Do the "scrunch test" to see if clothes stay wrinkly.

    3. And for a quick quality check, do the "pull test."

    4. When in doubt, shop in the men's department.

    5. Avoid exposed zippers since they can be a sign of low quality.

    6. Check to see if skirts and pants have decent hem allowances — especially if you're tall.

    7. And keep in mind that well-made pants have ~French~ seams.

    8. Always check the care instructions label for natural fibers.

    9. Make sure your pattern matches at the seams.

    10. You should also check the seams to make sure all of the thread matches.

    11. You can almost always tell the quality of an item by the BUTTONS and the BUTTONHOLES.

    12. Gently pull the seams taut to see if there are gaps between the stitches.

    13. Linings are always a *good* sign.

    14. If you're trying to make sure an item is actually hand-stitched, make sure the seam stitching isn't straight.

    Now get out there and shop *smart*.