21 Budget-Friendly Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Minimalist Paradise

    Taking minimalism to the max.

    1. For your color palette, think Oreo cookie.

    2. And use semi-opaque materials to allow light into windowless rooms.

    3. If you want to make a small space feel bigger, put up a white curtain instead of a new wall.

    4. Or replace doors with sliding walls.

    5. Strategically place ONE black-and-white patterned blanket that says "I'm cozy...but not THAT cozy."

    6. Also, you must buy everything with stripes or plus signs on them.

    7. To keep the kitchen ~simple~, DIY a breakfast bar in 20 minutes.

    8. And display everything that's NOT a framed photograph....

    9. ...like paintbrushes and scrolls of paper (even if the last piece of ~art~ you made was finger-painted).

    10. Or a lone frond and a pair of medieval crutches.

    11. You can also display coffee table books and throw away that framed Ph.D.

    12. Expertly curated clothes can also be a wall accent...

    13. As well as palatable footwear.

    14. And if you're going to display image-printed papers, use welded wire fence or hardware cloth with binder clips.

    15. Also, have ONE gold item visible at all times.

    16. Buy furniture with hairpin legs. Or just screw hairpin legs into your current pieces.

    17. If you have kids, their toys should be able to pass for whittled folk art of museum quality.

    18. For lighting, go for a single overhead lightbulb.

    19. To avoid rewiring your entire place, you can also hang a corded lightbulb off of a wall-mounted shelf bracket.

    20. Also, lamps with shades are an abomination. KILL THEM WITH FIRE.

    21. If all else fails, fill your house with tons of mirrors to reflect every particle of light you've got.