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These Are The Sexy Emojis You've Been Waiting For

And they're for everybody.

Let's face it: Sexting with only words never quite got you in the mood.

And photos have definitely gotten weird.

But now there's Plume, a free private messaging app with over 400 diverse emojis designed specifically for sexting.

Want a curvy emoji that shows some skin?

Or some sexy scenes for you and your partner?

Maybe you're longing for some emoji foreplay.

Or just a few pics that you can text to convey your sexual ~vibe~.

There are all kinds of embraces...

And a bunch of grabbing positions you can really get behind.

There are even dad bod emojis for those who just can't get enough.

And if there's an emoji you think is missing from the app, Galland invites you to make a suggestion.

Happy sexting!