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    These Friends Built Houses Next To Each Other So That They Could Hang Out Forever

    Welcome to bestie row.

    Welcome to "Bestie Row," a compound of tiny houses where four BFF couples spend their vacations together.

    "We all met about 20 years ago in Austin, Texas, and we've been close ever since," resident Jodi Zipp told BuzzFeed Life. Zipp and her husband, Fred, own one of the four tiny houses alongside the Llano River.

    "We loved having people around to do stuff with when we dormed in college," Zipp said.

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    And they wanted to carry the tradition into their adult years. The bonus: If they ever get sick of each other, they can just go home to Austin.

    About 10 years into their friendship, the couples started shopping around for some land.

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    And in March 2011, a beautiful 10-acre lot became available.

    They partnered with Austin-based architect Matt Garcia to make a row of small energy-efficient cabins.

    Each cabin is about 350 square feet. Construction started in summer 2011, and everything was finished by July 2012.

    There's also a communal living and dining room for everyone to share.

    "We love cooking all together," Zipp said. "And we have a big TV so that everyone can watch football."

    While the couples enjoy some alone time at the compound, they all gather for the holidays.

    "All of our kids will come over to spend Thanksgiving and New Year's with us," said Zipp. "I think our kids look forward to bringing their kids here some day."

    The cozy compound cost each couple $200,000.

    Wouldn't it be nice to live like Friends but IRL?