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15 Genius Dollar Store Bathroom Hacks Because Mess = Stress

Upgrade your bathroom in an instant.

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2. Add a second shower rod for extra bathroom storage.

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Hook hangable baskets to the second rod and store all the body washes that are usually cluttering the sides of your shower.


5. Or keep jewelry accessible by using curtain or shower rings on an extra towel rod.

That's right: Secure a towel rod JUST for jewelry so you can keep all of your things front and center. Get more info here.

6. If storage is SUPER tight, opt for a shower curtain with *pockets*.

Because you wouldn't buy a dress without pockets, so why make that exception for your shower curtain? You can get one here for $19.99. You can also DIY your own storage shower curtain with a hanging utility bag — get the tutorial here.


9. Use small storage solutions like StickOnPods ($10.99) to make it easier to find your stuff.

When you only have one cabinet, make the most of it. You can also DIY these holders with small office supply organizers and mounting tape.

11. Use velcro and office trays to organize your bathroom drawers.

To keep trays from moving around when you open the drawer, stick adhesive Velcro tabs ($12.49) to tray and drawer bottoms so that each container has a sturdy spot. Learn more about it here.


13. You should also put shower caddies under the sink for storage that will actually stay de-cluttered.

This is a great way to make a DIY shelf without having to take a trip to the hardware store. Get more info here.

14. For a tiny bathroom, combine wall decorations with storage in the form of these pretty copper makeup cups.

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