16 Photos That Prove Ballerinas Are Strong AF

    It takes a lot of strength to look this delicate.

    1. Ballet is a truly ~majestic~ sport.

    2. But looking this flawless does NOT come easy.

    3. To start, you have to put the time in when you're young.

    4. And you have to use torture devices like this limb-cracker aka a "foot stretcher."

    5. Then there's the intense s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g...

    6. Which can really pay off for some people.

    7. After a lot of practice, you get HELLA STRONG.


    9. And then you take up flying as a pastime.

    10. DAMN.

    11. And your feet decide that you're probs never going to wear sandals again.

    12. I MEAN.

    13. And, like any difficult sport, there will be injuries.

    14. And there might even be surgery.

    15. But then you remember the rush of turning your body into a piece of music.

    16. And you just keep on killing it. And killing it. And KILLING IT.

    17. Because you're a dancer for ~life~.