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    19 Genius Ways To Turn Your Tiny Outdoor Space Into A Relaxing Nook

    Max out your mini space.

    Alice Mongkongllite / Buzzfeed

    1. Turn crates into cozy seating.

    You can find inexpensive ones here. To make them rain-resistant, treat them with a weatherproof stain, and if they feel unstable, screw in a few corner braces.

    2. You can also paint crates and lay them on their sides for handy end tables.

    Get the instructions on how to paint yours like this here.

    3. Upgrade the concrete floor with interlocking deck tiles.

    Get these from IKEA for $34.99 and lay them out to fit the square footage of your space.

    4. Or stencil a pattern onto the floor for a more polished look.

    Check out stencils here.

    5. You can also DIY an outdoor rug by treating a table cloth with a water-based polyurethane.

    Outdoor rugs can get expensive, but this DIY version can be super cheap. Get the full tutorial here.

    6. If you want a backyard feel, lay out artificial grass.

    You can buy some at Costco for cheap.

    7. To get pots off the ground without extra bulky tables, flip a tomato cage upside down and cut off the legs.

    Learn more about it here.

    8. Or get railing planters.

    Pick up Greenbo railing planters here ($24.99 each).

    9. If you want a little shade, get a half umbrella.

    That's right: HALF of an umbrella. Totally genius. They're not cheap, but if you're searching for shade then they're totally worth it. Get one on eBay or go here to buy one for $54.99.

    10. Get a balcony grill and you can cook in the great outdoors...

    Get one here ($75).

    11. And eat delicious grilled dinners off of a hanging balcony table.

    They're collapsible, which is a great space-saver for those rare moments when you're not snacking on something. If you're willing to splurge, go here. If you're looking for something slightly cheaper, check out a hanging planter shelf.

    12. You can also hack an IKEA countertop to turn your balcony into an outdoor bar.

    Get the full tutorial here.

    13. If you want privacy, add outdoor curtains.

    Outdoor curtains are made to stand up to all kinds of weather. Get them here.

    14. For a big effect on a small budget, get a bench and top it off with some outdoor cushions.

    If your balcony is long and narrow, consider the IKEA Norden bench ($79). Pile on a chaise pad and a few pillows and you're done.

    15. Or use a chest with a cushion on top for seating.

    Doesn't that look like the best place to drink your morning coffee? Check out cute, inexpensive outdoor pillows here.

    16. You can also forgo more formal seating for a hammock and feel fly AF.

    Just make sure the hammock is hung so that your body would be beneath the balcony railing. The last thing you want to do is lay back, relax, and accidentally throw yourself off a balcony.

    17. If you're space is seriously mini, consider just turning the whole thing into a cozy outdoor chair...

    Put a fitted a cushion on the floor and you've got the perfect place to curl up and read a book.

    18. Or a mini garden.

    Open your doors onto a mini herb garden or a floral oasis.

    19. And lastly, make it super-crazy-extra cozy with cheap mini lanterns.