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    Posted on Aug 16, 2016

    21 Beautiful Baby Names If You're Obsessed With Clothes

    Kimye, take note for baby number three.

    1. Chiffon

    So your baby can strive for ~eleganza~.

    2. Talley

    Bankable Productions

    So your baby can have some big shoes to fill.

    3. Birkin

    Kylie Jenner / Via @kingkylie

    So you can know that your child's name hangs in Kris Jenner's closet.

    4. D'Orsay / Via

    In honor of the classiest heel.

    5. Priestly

    Twentieth Century Fox

    To honor your fave fashion movie.

    6. Sequin

    Why not name your baby after a little glimmer of light?

    7. Oxford


    So they can be named after a classic shirt AND shoe.

    8. Dior


    Perf for your haute couture offspring.

    9. Peplum


    Show some love for the feminine silhouette. Also, Pep is a cute nickname.

    10. Chanel


    To commemorate your *dream* designer.

    11. Pinafore


    Sounds delicate, doesn't it?

    12. Dolce

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Why not be named after greatness?

    13. Tyra

    Bankable Productions

    So your baby can work on that ~smize~.

    14. Karl

    @karllagerfeld / Via

    Middle name: Lagerfeld.

    15. And lastly, Anna Grace

    Antonio De Moraes Barros Filho / WireImage

    To show your Wintour and Coddington fandom.