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These People Prove Why 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Should Be Banned Forever

’Tis the season to be predatory.

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’Cause nothing says "holiday cheer" quite like pressuring a woman to do something against her free will.

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"Baby, It's Cold Outside" is a song written by Frank Loesser in 1944 about a man giving a woman a hard time about not staying over. WHAT THE ACTUAL EF.

Then, she placates him and offers to stay for a moment longer.

The Funny or Die video depicts the man pouring pills (as well as alcohol) into a glass, because, well, he's obvi just in a GIVING mood.

The scene gets worse and worse as the woman INSISTS SHE MUST LEAVE.

And he's just telling her how nice she looks and how dare she leave while he has more feelings to share about her physical appearance?!!?!?

And he keeps saying THE SAME DAMN LINE while she makes 100 different arguments for why it's time to go.

HELLO. She already said: She can't stay, it's time to go, her mom and dad are going to wonder where she is, her brother and sister are going to worry, and she doesn't need to give any excuses because when she says it's over then IT'S OVER.

We all know how this same song would go if the roles were reversed.

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"I've got to go away." "Yeah, totally. I kind of want to watch Property Brothers alone anyway."

Watch the full video here.

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