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17 Damn Sexy Androgynous Humans Who Will Awaken You Sexually

Beautiful. Handsome. Beautysome.

1. Ruby Rose

Rubix Cube Enterprises

What the what is that effortless beauty?

2. Jack Paulo

3. Erika Linder

You like Harry Styles, you say? Meet your new boifriend.

4. AzMarie Livingston!gallery/cee5

Such a flirt.

5. Jake Cooper

Charl Marais / Via

You have to be kidding me with THIS ANGEL'S VISAGE.

6. Bradley Soileau

If you like 'em playful, Brad is all yours.

7. Beck Holladay

8. Elliott Sailors

Well, DAMN.

9. Jana Knauer

That blink made your knees weak — admit it.

10. Andreja Pejic

Those lips tho.

11. Tamy Glauser

12. Justus Eisfeld


13. Harmony Boucher

Have denim vests with buttons EVER looked this good?

14. Stav Strashko

katalepsja / Via


15. David Chiang

This is sex. LITERAL SEX.

16. Jackson Rado

katalepsja / Via

Well hot damn.

17. Casey Legler

Heaven has a new name and it's CASEY.