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    Sep 25, 2015

    This Guys Wants To Charge $11K For A Tiny View Of The Pope From His Window

    May the Lord be with you.

    If you live in NYC, you know that the Pope is in town.

    30 Rock

    Unless you live under a rock that is situated beneath another bigger rock.

    And everyone is trying to snap a selfie with the Holy man himself.

    Pool / Getty Images


    Pool / Getty Images

    So one East Harlem resident posted an ad on Craigslist for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the Pope.

    Alison Caporimo

    The listing is for an apartment that's located on 100th Street and 3rd Avenue, which is a stone's throw (note that we are not the first to cast it) away from Our Lady Queen Of Angels School on 112th Street and 3rd Avenue, where the Pope will be making an appearance at 4 PM today.

    The ad, which also appeared on eBay last night, lets you and 4 friends chill in the apartment for $11K.

    "Yes, this may seem ridiculous to some but come on, this is the world we live in and it's an opportunity for us to offer our place while helping folks with a once in a lifetime opportunity of their own," the ad states.

    When you're good and ready, you and your buds can leave your prime digs to join to pontiff party.

    Pool / Getty Images

    You might see a flash of him from the window.

    And what will these 11 G's go to, you may ask?

    Alison Caporimo

    "Either to me or my wife's personal aspirations or maybe even towards a good cause," the resident, who wants to remain anonymous, tells BuzzFeed Life.

    Andrew Renneisen / Getty Images

    In terms of any takers on his offer, he says: "There have definitely been emails, but no serious inquiries yet."

    Just doing the Lord's work.

    Pool / Getty Images

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