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This Woman Wore A Patriotic Hijab On Fox News And People Are Freaking Out

"I'm a proud American."

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Ahmed joined Fox News for an interview with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night.

The topic: Donald Trump's comment that he would consider shutting down mosques in response to the Paris attacks (even though presidents don't have the authority to shut down houses of worship without violating the constitution).

"It's so frustrating to hear things like this," Ahmed told BuzzFeed Life. "Our religion shouldn't be defined by terrorists — instead it should be represented by hardworking people like me."


"When I was getting ready in the Fox makeup room, I was watching TV and people were bashing Islam and Muslims," she said.

"So I put the scarf on and I asked the makeup ladies how I looked," she said. "They liked it." Ahmed bought the scarf in New York City's Times Square the week before — she brought it with her in case she wanted to have it on her shoulder during the interview.


Watch the full interview here.

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