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    14 Incredible AirBnbs Where You Can Get Married Without Breaking The Bank

    Party all day and crash all night.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    Picking the perfect wedding venue can be tricky.


    Especially if you want that cozy, at-home wedding feel, but you live in a city where venues cost major $$$. Plus, you might not have that rich aunt with a manicured three-acre lawn.

    So if you can't have a wedding at your own home, why not rent someone else's? You can decorate it however you want, enjoy a truly private party, and then crash after a night of celebrating.

    Here are a few questions to keep in mind while searching for the perfect rental home venue:

    * Does the property already have permits to host events?

    * Does your guest list require that you also rent a restroom trailer?

    * What are the local noise ordinances for the area?

    * If you'd like a tent, is the ground level enough for easy installation?

    It's easy to search for potential wedding venues on AirBnb. First, select "16+ guests" from the initial search page. Then go under "more filters" and click the "amenities" drop-down — select "suitable for events" and you're all set.

    Here are a few stunning homes around the United States that you can rent for your wedding:

    1. This mountaintop villa in Topanga, CA:


    The vibe: This 7,000-square-foot architectural gem is surrounded by thousands of acres of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. There's also a great room with 16-foot high ceilings perfect for elegant dining.

    The price: Minimum of $1,500 per day

    2. This stunning waterfront carriage house in Warren, CT:


    The vibe: This 25-acre property is nestled along the shores of Lake Waramaug. With a boat house and lake front access, there are various scenic ceremony locations to choose from. And with eight bedrooms, there's more than enough room for you and your nearest and dearest to crash.

    The price: $2,000 per night

    3. This cozy lodge in Easton, WA:


    The vibe: With a total of 38 beds, you can have a ton of friends and family stay overnight before or after your celebration. The spacious dining room can accommodate over 70 people and there's a full commercial kitchen that can be used for an amazing gourmet dinner.

    The price: $1,050 per night

    4. This mid-century event space in NYC:


    The vibe: This chic space located in Manhattan's Flatiron district hosts up to 70 guests, and the owners can provide staff, catering, and bar necessities. Plus, guests have access to a private terrace for a starry skyline cocktail hour.

    The price:
    $1,000 — $1,600 per night

    5. This striking 8,000-square-foot mansion in Hollywood, FL:


    The vibe: You'll feel like you're in Andalusia, but with the perk of being able to walk to the beach. This mansion includes a billiards room, an English pub-style bar, a formal library, and a courtyard filled with Moorish fountains and imported statues.

    The price: $1,200 per night

    6. This incredible industrial space in Chicago, IL:


    The vibe: With over 3,500-square-feet of indoor space and another 3,500-square-feet of outdoor space, this restored Chicago factory uses reclaimed materials and modern amenities for a polished warehouse vibe with the option to dine and drink outside.

    The price: $1,500 per night

    7. This private rose-filled outdoor space in Los Angeles, CA:


    The vibe: The perfect space for urban folks who would DIE for a backyard wedding. But not just any backyard, of course. Ideally, it's one that looks like it came from Pinterest. This outdoor space is located in "Walnut Acres" on a gated estate with over a half-acre of redwoods, birch trees, and white roses. You can set up a tent or just go with long tables and great table settings.

    The price: $900 for ceremony only and $1,800 for ceremony and reception

    8. This spacious beachfront home in Freeport, TX:


    The vibe: Get ready for the best sunset of your life. This four-bedroom home is located on 15 private acres that feature one hell of a vista. Have your ceremony on the beach and then walk a few steps to your private waterfront reception. Then, pass out in one of the 11 beds.

    The price: $425 per night

    9. This huge lakefront cabin in Montrose, PA:


    The vibe: A 46-acre-lake. Mountain views. A six-bedroom house with a great room that features a vaulted 28-foot ceiling. What more could you want for a nature-inspired wedding with tons of amenities?

    The price: $650 per night

    10. This stunning country estate in Issaquah, WA:


    The vibe: Just 30 minutes outside of Seattle, this 1940s Georgian manor sits on 22 manicured acres with peacocks, horses, chickens, and various other farm animals. The house is elegant and cozy — perfect for your wedding night.

    The price: $2,200 — $4,900 depending on the season

    11. This nature-cloaked home in East Point, GA:


    The vibe: This charming home is only a 13-minute drive from Downtown Atlanta and it's perfect for daytime events with panoramic views of the surrounding gardens. There's a picturesque waterfall, a koi fish pond, and a small glass-enclosed atrium. Come for your wedding and stay through the weekend.

    The price: $740 per night

    12. This historic bed and breakfast in Cincinnati, OH:


    The vibe: Walk downstairs to a warm breakfast the morning after your wedding? Doesn't sound too bad. This cozy 10-bedroom compound consists of two separate homes were built in 1860 — it's only 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati and the grounds are lovely.

    The price: $600 for the main house and $1,433 for both houses

    13. This Victorian mansion in Philadelphia, PA:


    The vibe: This six-bedroom house is filled with old-world charm and features a 2,000-square-foot ballroom that includes tables, chairs, linens, and china for 60 people.

    The price: $600 per night

    14. This massive ranch in Silverthorne, CO:


    The vibe: Entertain your guests in this 10,000-square-foot log home, and then step outside for the most beautiful ceremony backdrop. Mountains, hills, and trees await you on this ranch property.

    The price: $1,052 per night