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    19 Ways To Rock Androgynous Style Like No Other

    It's yours. Own it.

    1. Experiment with a longer coat.

    2. Try a boat neck.

    3. Find a button-up that fits comfortably across your chest, and pair it with a contrasting blazer.

    4. Don't be afraid to leave your shirt untucked under your sweater.

    5. Use denim to broaden your shoulders.

    6. If you don't want to deal with a button-up but still want to wear a suit, don a white T-shirt.

    7. Add some interest around your waist.

    8. To keep a button-up from opening at the chest, opt for shirts that have buttons closer together.

    "If there is a lot of space between each button, there's more room for holes to open," Lovely said.

    9. If you don't want to fully commit to a tie, just show a wee hint of it.

    10. Shop for blazers with skinny lapels.

    11. Elongate your torso with a patterned trim.

    12. If you want to wear men's pants without dealing with belts, go for drawstring varieties.

    You can find awesome options at at American Apparel and on J. Crew.

    13. Don't be afraid of pockets!

    14. Play with proportions.

    15. Check out ASOS Curve, New Look, and Dorothy Perkins for affordable androgynous options in every size.

    "I think these brands currently have the best range of androgynous clothing for fuller figures," says Decker. (Plaid shirt from New Look: $32; Blazer from Dorothy Perkins: $29; Denim shirt from Asos Curve: $42).

    16. Get a blazer with one vent in the back.

    17. Button a cardigan the way you would a jacket.

    18. Find the perfect pair of wingtips.

    19. Thrift for clothes and then take them to a tailor.

    And remember: You define what androgyny means to you.