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    19 Ways To Rock Androgynous Style Like No Other

    It's yours. Own it.

    1. Experiment with a longer coat.

    Isabell Decker

    You'll look good AND keep hella warm.

    "The perfect length would hit somewhere between your knee and the middle of your calf," fashion blogger Isabell Decker of Dressing Outside The Box told BuzzFeed Life. "The length can elongate the silhouette and hide bigger thighs, if that's what your looking for."

    2. Try a boat neck.

    Lydia Okello

    "The boat neck is great if you want to minimize the bust line a bit," says fashion blogger Lydia Okello of Style Is Style.

    3. Find a button-up that fits comfortably across your chest, and pair it with a contrasting blazer.

    Alea Lovely / Via

    "I'm a 38 DDD, so its really hard to find shirts that allow for my boobs and are still fitted on my arms," says The Haute Girl fashion blogger and photographer Alea Lovely. "I love wearing button-ups under blazers and cardigans because you can't tell that the shirt is baggy elsewhere."

    4. Don't be afraid to leave your shirt untucked under your sweater.

    David Garcia / Via

    It adds a little boyish flare.

    "With the collar and shirt tail sticking out, you create a more rectangular silhouette," says Avant Blargh fashion blogger Bianca deBardelaben. "This can be ideal for people who want to avoid the hourglass look."

    5. Use denim to broaden your shoulders.

    Eli Vickery / Via

    "If you want to emphasize your shoulders, look for tops made from structured materials like denim and thick cotton", says Sonny Oram, founder of queer fashion website Qwear.

    6. If you don't want to deal with a button-up but still want to wear a suit, don a white T-shirt.

    David Garcia / Via

    "Wear a plain white tee under a suit jacket for a polished look that's a little less dapper," deBardelaben says.

    7. Add some interest around your waist.

    So cute, right?

    "If you are looking to balance out less proportioned areas, tie a flannel shirt, cardigan, or thin jacket around the waist for added dimension to your overall silhouette ," says Sara Medd, stylist and founder of Greyscale Goods, a personal shopping service where stylists use customer profiles to curate androgynous clothing collections and send them through the mail.

    8. To keep a button-up from opening at the chest, opt for shirts that have buttons closer together.

    "If there is a lot of space between each button, there's more room for holes to open," Lovely said.

    9. If you don't want to fully commit to a tie, just show a wee hint of it.

    David Garcia / Via

    "I like to use a tie the way I would a scarf," says deBardelaben. Tuck it into a cardigan to lengthen your torso a little.

    10. Shop for blazers with skinny lapels.

    "A skinny lapel creates a straighter line down the body," Lovely says. Larger, fanned out lapels draw more attention to the chest. Try fitted and boxier styles from H&M.

    11. Elongate your torso with a patterned trim.

    12. If you want to wear men's pants without dealing with belts, go for drawstring varieties.

    David Garcia

    You can find awesome options at at American Apparel and on J. Crew.

    13. Don't be afraid of pockets!

    Seriously, they can actually provide a bit of distraction!

    "If you're looking to downplay your bust, chest pockets on a looser fitting shirt can give a more androgynous appearance," says Medd.

    14. Play with proportions.

    Lydia Okello

    Like, say, try tucking an oversized shirt into fitted pants and see how you feel.

    "Experimenting with proportions is a really easy way to change the look of an outfit," says Okello. "I tend to feel more androgynous when I wear looser silhouettes."

    15. Check out ASOS Curve, New Look, and Dorothy Perkins for affordable androgynous options in every size.

    "I think these brands currently have the best range of androgynous clothing for fuller figures," says Decker. (Plaid shirt from New Look: $32; Blazer from Dorothy Perkins: $29; Denim shirt from Asos Curve: $42).

    16. Get a blazer with one vent in the back.

    "Get a blazer with the single vent if you want to downplay your hips," says Oram. A jacket without a vent can create pulling, and two vents can flare around the hips. If you're looking to invest in a great blazer, Oram suggests Topman, which carries fits for narrow and wide shoulders.

    17. Button a cardigan the way you would a jacket.


    "With buttoning a cardigan, I try to follow the same rule as I do with suit jackets: sometimes, always, never," says Medd, referring to whether you should ever bother actually keeping your cardigan buttoned or wear it open.

    "For a more professional look, button at least 2 to 3 middle buttons." Also, be aware that a cardigan's bottom button is often sewn onto the ribbed hem, which "can create more billowing in the silhouette overall." You can counteract the billowing by tucking it in.

    18. Find the perfect pair of wingtips.

    19. Thrift for clothes and then take them to a tailor.

    Macklemore / Via

    Cheap! Yaaaaaas! CHEAP!

    "Buy cheap, oversized clothes from a thrift shop, and then get them taken in," says Oram. "In the end you'll have something that fits perfectly without having to spend a lot of money."

    And remember: You define what androgyny means to you.

    You beautiful handsome thing.