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10 Things To Learn In 10 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

Beef up your brain. Cool hacks inspired by Quora.

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2. How to Never Be Late in the Morning (Without Looking at the Time)

Alison Caporimo

Make a playlist that runs a few minutes shy of the time you have between waking up and walking out the door. Press play after your alarm goes off and listen while you're getting ready. When the playlist ends, get outta there!

3. How to Use Instagram Filters on Photos You Don't Want to Post

Put your phone on airplane mode, open Instagram, and apply your sexy filter. When you hit "Share," your image will fail to upload to Instagram and you can hit the "X" to delete it. Meanwhile, a beautifully filtered picture will magically save to your photos.


5. How to Get Eggshell Pieces out of Cracked Eggs / Via

Use half of the empty eggshell to remove the broken piece in the bowl. The shell easily cuts through the egg whites so you don't have to chase the rogue bit around before you catch it. But beware: If your shell half has a bunch of chipping pieces, remove them with your finger before attempting this at home.