24 Styles From The 00's You'll Have To Explain To Your Kids

    "Velour was highly valued for its luxurious texture."

    1. "Velour was highly valued for its luxurious texture."

    2. "By men and women alike."

    3. "Full length sweaters and buttons were an extravagance that few could afford."

    4. "Displaying one's belly was interpreted as a gesture of friendship."

    5. "In fact, women who fully concealed their torsos were regarded as suspicious and possibly dangerous."

    6. "Because of this, few did."

    7. "Authorities even considered passing a law against female celebrities wearing more than 2 square feet of fabric during public appearances."

    8. "Do not feel sad, daughter. Her eyebrows were not lost in a fire."

    9. "No, no. Those are not pieces of sea glass."

    10. "Precious metals, as has been true throughout history, conveyed an aura of nobility and power."

    11. "It was a faux pas to wear prints that did not match those of one's coworkers."

    12. "Hemlines were inspired by the beauty of nature. Specifically, jellyfish."

    13. "No, son, these women were not shipwrecked. Ripping denim into pieces was the fashion at the time."

    14. "And wearing mutiple garments constructed from denim was seen as a signifier of wealth and power."

    15. "Only the truly affluent could afford this."

    16. "In a strange retail complex called "the mall," sort of like an IRL Amazon, there was a place called "Hot Topic.""

    17. "Yes, I can understand why you might think she had an ankle disorder she wished to conceal, and also scoliosis."

    18. "I don't think it was infected."

    19. "Well no, of course he'd never actually driven a truck."

    20. "During the great Shirt Shortage of 2000, some folks resorted to using napkins and pieces of foil as garments."

    21. "Well, sure, I bet she probably did like zebras."

    22. "Pants that descended below calf level eventually became seen as gauche and were widely frowned upon."

    23. "As such, some outdated models were fitted with straps in order to adjust their length."

    24. "It was considered disrespectful for young girls to cover both shoulders at once."