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    12 Indie Bookstore Subscription Boxes That Are Worth Checking Out

    Whether you dig detective novels, cherish reading romance, or are fond of fantasy, these independent bookstores can deliver reads you'll love right to your door. Every. Single. Month.

    Everybody loves a good subscription box, but what could be better than a package that arrives at your door every month or two full of fresh new reads that your friendly neighborhood bookshop owner selected by hand? There’s no better excuse to grab a cup of tea, take a minute, and cozy up in your favorite reading chair. Bonus: You’ll also be supporting small businesses.

    1. Old Town Books

    2. Fulton Street Books & Coffee

    3. The Ripped Bodice

    4. Aaron’s Books

    5. Nowhere Bookshop

    6. The Regulator Bookshop

    7. Parnassus Books

    8. Elliot Bay Book Company

    9. The Mysterious Bookshop

    10. Strand Books

    11. One More Page Books

    12. Word Bookstores