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    Plan The Perfect Halloween Day And We Will Tell You What Coraline Charecter You Are

    Another Halloween quiz🎃💜

    Goodmorning! Lets start the morning with a halloween breakfast!
    Lets perprae the candy bowl! What candy are you putting in?
    What bowl will you puit the candy in?
    Time for a spooky lunch! What are you having?
    Time to carve your pumpkin! What design are you going to do?
    It's almost time to go trick or treating! What coustume will you wear?
    Time to go trick-or-treating! What candy basket are you using?
    The night is over, and you are going to bed. What pajamas are you wearing?
    Choose a halloween song to listen to before you go to bed.
    • Thriller
    • Ghost Busters
    • The addams family
    • Monster Mash
    • This is halloween
    Good night! Choose a view to look at while falling asleep.
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