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20 Things The Union Of Brunel Students' Has Done For You In 2016

This year has seen a lot of notable events take place. So we have thrown together some highlights of what your Students' Union has achieved in 2016.

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1. £150K of Accommodation Bursaries

With rent prices soaring on campus, the Students' Union President proposed the introduction of 300 accommodation bursaries. Having just been distributed, these automatic bursaries put £500 back into the pockets of students who are most vulnerable to financial hardship.

2. Team Brunel

Sports clubs on campus were completely revitalised this year through the creation of TEAM BRUNEL. This all encompassing brand ensures that all clubs are uniform and represent Brunel together!

3. Refugee Scholarships

Following the campaign initiated last year in response to the largest refugee crisis since the second world war; the Union secured 6 annual refugee scholarships. The scheme has been hailed as one of the biggest in Higher Education.

4. Free Sanitary Products on Campus

A manifesto pledge from the President; Sanitary products were made available for free on Brunel's campus. The move caught national press as a progress move in the #FreePeriod campaign.

6. This Brunel BUCS Girl Can

Le Nurb and the Vice President Student Activities came together to showcase the immense talent of Brunel's female athletes. The video produced received thousands of views and propelled women's sport on campus. Watch it on Facebook!

8. #IAM2016

Islamophobia awareness month this year saw over 10 events take over campus. From sports tournaments to debates, the SU lead the way in raising awareness of increasing hate crime and discrimination facing Muslims in modern British society.

9. A New Student Assembly

The Union looked at opening up its democratic structures in 2016 to ensure all students had the opportunity to engage with its democracy. Having created the new juror system, it is the first time non-elected students have the opportunity to engage in the democratic votes on policy!

19. Don't Drop Out, Drop In

Via Facebook: Brunelstudents

This campaign was developed by the Vice President CHLS and Student Activities to highlight the support services available to students. With over 1,000 views, the main video shows where all the services are and gives students a brief introduction to what they offer. Check out the video on Facebook!

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