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    43 Very Useful Products That Are Basically The Equivalent Of A Slam Dunk

    These products will make you feel like you have it all together...even if you don't right now.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hard-boiled egg timer if trying to figure out whether your egg is actually cooked or still runny is a risk you're not willing to take. This timer will fix all that.

    reviewer image of timer sitting in pot with two eggs boiling

    2. A pack of Elephant Trax Labels that you can put on storage bins and boxes and sync to an app so you can keep track of what you have stored inside! 

    reviewer image of labels
    app that is associate with labels to show what is stored in box

    Promising review: "I am so glad I ordered an extra pack of these. My goal for January was to organize the basement. I have TONS of plastic bins and whenever I need something, I have to open each to find what I’m looking for. I took a few hours the first weekend cleaning out and organizing everything and the bins. I took pictures of the contents of each bin, put one of these stickers on each bin then associated the pics with the sticker’s QR code and voila, done. IF YOU LIKE TO BE ORGANIZED, GET THESE STICKERS!" —Fred Labro

    Get a pack of 40 from Amazon for $7.99 (also available in larger quantities).

    3. A makeup brush cleaning mat with various textures to deep clean your foundation-, eyeshadow-, and bronzer-filled brushes.

    reviewer image of brushes laying on mat

    4. A bag re-sealer that very closely resembles a hair straightener but is in fact for closing up your half-eaten munchies to keep them from going stale. My my what a necessary invention this is!

    5. A plant fertilizer in case you're not particularly gifted in the "keeping plants alive for longer than a month" category.

    6. A vacuum hose attachment to help prevent hazardous dryer fires that can come from a buildup of lint and dust that is probs sitting in your vents as we speak.

    7. A silicone utensil rest because that solo spoon rest you have is just not gonna cut it when you have multiple burners going with multiple food items being cooked and multiple utensils are being used to cook them. This can hold six utensils at once!

    reviewer image of spatula and wood spoon resting on holder

    8. A dual-USB charging port so you can blissfully use your tech devices from the comfort of your sunken butt on the couch. No need to sit right next to the wall outlet because your charging cable is 2 feet long.

    charging porch wedged into couch cushion

    9. Or! A USB lightbulb adapter for another easy place to pop your charging cables for optimal tech device access.

    10. An elevated pet bed with a mesh center your dog will absolutely drool over because they can enjoy a lovely nap outdoors with the breeze flowing through the bottom. ~Ah, the life.~

    reviewer photo showing their dog laying on the elevated pet bed

    11. A handy tweezer tool for easily applying faux eyelashes as close to the lash line as possible without fear of poking out your eyeball. This thing is practically dummy proof.

    reviewer image of clamps holding fake eyelashes

    12. Sheet pan dividers so you can cook multiple items at once with ease. These are all separate pieces so if you're cooking multiple items and one is ready before the other, simply pull that one divider out no problem. These are also microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe.

    silicone dividers on baking sheet filled with different foods

    13. An oil-absorbing roller if you're sick of using oil-blotting sheets because they're wasteful. This lil' guy can remove shine with each and every roll AND the stone can be washed and added back into the holder to use time and time again.

    14. Icebreaker — the best, most ideal way to freeze and utilize ice without fear of cracking your plastic ice mold when you're just trying to get some cubes for your lemonade. This silicone mold is perfect when it comes time to actually use the ice cubes.

    15. A box of antiperspirant towelettes you can use for your sweaty under arms that'll keep them dry for up to a whole week — sorcery if you ask me. Swipe them on, let them dry for five minutes, and then your pits are ready to take on the day...sweat-free.

    16. A car visor extender to block those pesky UVA and UVB rays and help prevent glare (ahem — a huge annoyance when you're commuting to and from work) so you don't low-key fear for your life on the road.

    polarized visor clipped on to regular car visor

    17. A dog paw cleaning device because the muddier it gets outside, the more you may find dark brown tracks on your precious carpets and hardwood floors. Well, not anymore. This easy-to-use cleaning device only requires you to gently pop your pup's paw in and out a few times for perfectly clean paws.

    18. A double-ended extension cord if there are just simply not enough outlets for your liking. These are great if you have roommates or you just have a lot of tech devices you need to be able to access and charge at once!

    extension cord with two different ends

    19. A bottle of Clove + Hallow's The Everything Oil that features squalane, organic rosehip, black cumin seed, and argan oils for a seriously moisturizing oil you'll want to use *everywhere*. Some reviewers have noted this has helped with their oily skin and acne spots!

    bottle of the oil with top screwed off showing the dropper

    20. A life-changing shoe powder if your family has threatened to toss your wretchedly smelly shoes out on more than one occasion due to their stank. A few sprinkles of this powder in your footwear will have them believing in actual miracles.

    reviewer image of powder applied inside shoes

    21. A small heating patch featuring lemon balm, juniper berry, jasmine, dandelion root, and rosehip that'll be your new cramp healer.

    person holding up patch near lower abdomen

    22. A tablet holder if eating takeout, enjoying a glass of wine, and watching Netflix is at the top of your to-do list most evenings. Now you don't have to wonder where you're going to rest or how you're ever going to hold your tablet...

    23. A battery-operated handheld mixer so you can make cafe-worthy lattes you should be charging your friends big bucks for (just kidding, or am I?).

    24. A versatile clip in case you're always running into the issue of where to place your bag. On the bathroom floor? Ick. Under the dining table? Ew. Nicely elevated where you can reach it and it's free from germs? YES.

    25. A drywall repair kit if your apartment lease is almost up and you finally need to tackle filling in all those holes you made while nailing, drilling, and hanging your prestigious gallery wall.

    Reviewer's before and after showing a small dent in their wall, and the after photo showing how the kit fixed it with no hole

    26. An eyeshadow primer to make your shadows longer lasting and even more opaque. You'll be amazed how much better they blend and how much better they look with this game changer underneath.

    reviewer swatching eyeshadow on arm with and without primer. the shadows without were less vibrant, and the ones with were much more bold and pigmented.

    27. Shower curtain rings with two separate hangers so your shower curtain and liner can be quickly removed without affecting the other.

    curtain rings with two separate hooks to hold liner and curtain

    28. A picture-hanging tool if you'd rather not guess if that new art print you just put up is straight or not. Odds's probably the latter.

    Six photos showing the progression of using the tool to easily hang frames evenly

    29. A bath kneeler and elbow rest in case bath time for your little babe means knee and elbow pain for you. Well not anymore — plus, this features storage for toys, wash cloths, and shampoo!

    reviewer image of blue knee and elbow rest for bath in blue
    knee pad and elbow rest in grey by bath tub

    Promising review: "I had been looking for something as I was pretty uncomfortable bathing my daughter. As her baths have gotten longer because she wants to play, I needed more comfort. This fit perfectly. Great quality, great price, and definitely comfortable. Highly recommend." —Amanda Montag

    Get it from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in two colors). 

    30. training toy you can coat with your pup's fave snack and then pop on the side of their crate to help get them more familiar with it. I had one of these when I first got my puppy and it helped tremendously.

    training aid being placed in dog crate
    gif of dog licking peanut butter off training aid

    When I first got my puppy he we went ballistic any time I had to put him in his crate. I started filling this toy with peanut butter and freezing it so the next time I had to leave the house (and he sadly had to go in his crate), I'd be prepared for when it was time to place him in. This keeps them very occupied for a while and really eases them into getting familiar with their crate.

    Promising review: "We bought this chew toys as an add-on with our Revol crate. It fits perfectly between the bars so that our little chewer can't pull the toy into the crate and make a mess. We use ordinary peanut butter and it keeps the little heathen entertained and not stressed when she has been crated. The clear plastic cover is super helpful for when we freeze the treat now that Ava is teething. I would highly recommend." —Michael D.

    Get it from Amazon for $34 (available in four colors). 

    31. Mug stacking organizers that'll maximize the space in your cabinets and make room for your mug obsession. Stop trying to remake the leaning tower of Pisa and feel content knowing your mugs are stacked to perfection the next time you're ready for a cup of coffee.

    reviewer image of mug cabinet organized with stacker holders
    reviewer holding stacker contraption in front of organized mug cupboard

    Promising review: "I have a problem with coffee cups. I absolutely love them and can't stop buying them! But I'm running out of room to store them. Then I learned about this wonderful gadget watching a review on YouTube and I had to have them. And I have to say, it has not let me down. These things are amazing! The biggest problem is that I need more!!! I will say I have found this system is most stable when using two cups that are the same but I wanted to use it with my big cups to maximize my space. That did work but I just made sure to put the bigger cup on the bottom and it's stable. I love these and I will probably buy more!!" —Amanda Wyatt

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $24.99 (available in three colors).

    32. A stair basket if you're always putting stuff on the stairs that "needs to go back to the bedroom" and are sick of looking at it. It's time to stop cluttering the stairs already...

    reviewer image of basket on stairs
    another reviewer image of basket on stairs

    Promising review: "I have wanted one of these for a very long time!! I finally just bought it and let me tell you it is a life saver!! I always pile stuff up on my stairs to go upstairs and it looks ugly especially when we have guests over but since I bought this, it looks so cute!! It's also very convenient to just put everything in the basket and take upstairs and then put at the top of the stairs to take things down stairs. Don't hesitate like I did — BUY IT!!!!" —heather

    Get it from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in two colors). 

    33. record display shelf perfect for exhibiting the vinyl you're listening to. It's such an amazing way to keep track of what vinyl is on the turntable and it doubles as some cool wall art.

    now spinning rack with glenn miller vinyl sitting on it
    now spinning shelf with folklore by taylor swift sitting on it
    Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    Record Racks is a small business located in Austin, Texas.

    This is my second shelf from Record Racks since I moved and had one up on my wall in my childhood bedroom. It's one of my fave ways to display my records and doubles as a fun wall piece. It's such a conversation starter and def want to get a bunch of these for my friends for the holidays this year. It easily applies to the wall with command strips (these are provided for you) and your installation is complete!

    Get it from Record Racks on Etsy for $17.99 (available in 14 colors).

    34. A rotating storage hook you can use in a multitude of places — the kitchen for utensils, the bathroom for loofahs, and even as a key fob holder! Anywhere you need some extra hooks, you can pop this lil' guy there!

    the rotating hook holder in various home spaces
    rotating hook hanger showcasing that it spins around

    Promising review: "I have a small space with my daughter, and drawer space is GOLD…so when I had nowhere to place my cooking utensils, it became problematic. When I put them in my drawer it would often get jammed, but thanks to this fun contraption, everything is up, within arms length, and looks clean!! Plus no more jammed drawers!!! I’m very happy!! Highly recommend." —Ashley

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $9.99

    35. Baby cup catchers if you want to secure their sippy cup or bottle and prevent it from hitting the germ-y floor. This attaches around their drinking vessel and clips right to their high chair or stroller so you won't have to worry about leaving their bottle behind (or getting gross for that matter). You can also use it for other things too like their toys, teethers, and plushies.

    cup catcher holding baby bottle from hitting the floor
    reviewer using cup catcher to keep a baby toy on their car seat

    Promising review: "I love this bottle holder! Toddlers throw everything and with this product attached to the bottle and strapped to high chair for example, you don’t have to get up to pick up the bottle. Not the best articulation but you get the idea right? #mombrain" —Randi

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $20.99 (available in six colors). 

    36. Mini makeup spatulas so you can get every last drop out of that expensive luxury foundation you have. TBH, these can also be used in the kitchen...

    person using spatula to get makeup out of bottle
    nine piece spatula set

    Promising review: "The small ones are fantastic at helping to get that last drop of expensive makeup and lotions. The larger ones work equally well in the kitchen for getting the last of those squeeze bottles of mustard, etc." —syk9dl

    Get a set of nine from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors). 

    37. A Baker's Edge brownie pan since we all know the end pieces are the absolute gold of any brownie dish. Now you don't need to fight over them.

    reviewer image of brownies topped with chocolate chips and sprinkles

    38. A little outlet shelf if you need a nice, convenient location to keep your bathroom must-haves like your toothbrush, razor, or shower speaker that doesn't include taking up precious vanity space.

    reviewer image of shelf installed over outlet and electric toothbrush on it and plugged in to outlet below

    39. An overflow drain cover so enjoying a nice bubble bath doesn't mean only steeping in water up to your belly button. You deserve a nice soak, and this drain cover will ensure an ideal water level you can relax in.

    reviewer in tub filled up high with water and bubbles

    40. A two-spray shower head if some days you want a more intense shower stream while other days a gentle sprinkle will do. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

    before/after of reviewer's shower with noticeably stronger pressure coming out after installing 2-spray head

    41. A shoe whitener because there's no need to throw your fave broken-in pair of kicks out just because they're discolored. This shoe whitener will have them glistening in no time. *Tip* use a shoe cleaner before the whitener for optimal results!

    reviewer photo showing one shoe without the whitener and one with it applied with drastic results

    42. A rechargeable, waterproof cooler light so whenever you want a nice, cold bevvy, you can see exactly what you're grabbing.

    43. A pineapple corer in case cutting a pineapple is the exact reason you refrain from purchasing this yummy, sweet fruit. Now you can buy them with confidence knowing you can core and cut it like a champ.

    When these amazing products make you feel like icon Michael Jordan during his infamous Space Jam dunk.