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    28 Smart Ways To Organize Things If You're Starting To Feel Bombarded By Clutter

    Innovative solutions for achieving a neat and tidy lifestyle.

    1. Invest in furniture pieces that also double as a storage option. This velvet ottoman is amazing for storing living room necessities like blankets or extra candles.

    2. Free up more space in your pantry with some magnetic spice jars that'll also make it easier to grab exactly the seasoning you need when you're cooking. You can snag a magnetic sheet to add to the inside of your cabinet for the jars to attach to (like the photo below), OR, you can always attach them to your fridge!

    reviewer image of inside of pantry door with spices on it

    3. And create even MORE pantry space with this attachable cabinet for popping right into your current door hinges. There's nothing quite like an organized pantry.

    Eight shelf hinged cupboard attached to closed door

    4. To achieve Home Edit-level status, invest in a label maker so you can keep track of anything and everything (particularly those new spice jars above)!

    5. Tidy up your dresser drawers with a sock and underwear organizer. Rummaging through to find that ONE pair of underwear will now be a thing of the past.

    reviewer photo showing underwear and sock organizer in their dresser drawer

    6. Keep track of important documents and receipts with an expanding file folder that can hold up to 200 pieces of paper. This will make keeping your desk tidy a breeze.

    7. Create bathroom space where you currently have none and grab a four-shelf over-the-toilet rack for your vanity must-haves. No medicine cabinet? No problem.

    reviewer's gray storage tower packed with makeup and products

    8. Or opt for a shower curtain liner with pockets to stop cluttering the minimal tub ridge space you have. You can store all sorts of things like hair products, loofahs, hair brushes, and more.

    Shower curtain liner with pockets containing brushes and grooming products

    9. Store batteries in a battery organizer and tester — it'll make swapping out old ones incredibly easy. It's also sleek enough to fit in a drawer! Making sure you have exactly what you need when you need it is major when it comes to organization.

    reviewer image of battery storage case on counter

    10. House unused hangers in a handy hanger stacker so the next time you do a load of laundry or purchase a new top, you'll have a hanger within an arm's reach to drape it on.

    reviewer's hanger organizer with lots of white hangers on it

    11. Condense your closet with nonslip velvet hangers that are flatter than normal plastic hangers so you have room for more clothes. The velvet texture also ensures that even your slipperiest of satin items won't slide off and end up at the bottom of your closet floor.

    12. Free up some counter or pantry space with a stackable water bottle organizer. As someone who has loads of water bottles, this is a must-have.

    13. Declutter your drawers with a sandwich bag organizer to make packing you or your kiddos' lunches a cinch. This organizer can hold four different size sandwich bags so you can toss the boxes they come in (which tend to be bulky and don't exactly fit well in your drawer).

    wooden organizer with slots for ziploc bags with the words quart, sandwich, snack, and gallon on it

    14. Finally get rid of that stack of books on your floor by placing them on floating bookshelves. These also work as a fun piece of wall art.

    15. Expand closet space with shelf dividers so you can stack sweaters, T-shirts, and sweatshirts in perfect piles that won't avalanche over.

    16. Invest in some useful rainbow nesting storage containers since you'll certainly need them when it's time to box up any leftovers. The rainbow colors will allow you to keep track of what you have stored inside and when they're not in use, they can be nested so you won't have a cluttered pantry with containers all over the place.

    17. Keep fruit stored in a fun way with a macrame hammock. Now you won't have to give up precious counter space while still keeping your produce nearby.

    18. Place a magnetic strip on your kitchen backsplash to add a convenient place to put metal knives and utensils.

    person placing knife on magnetic wall strip

    19. Roll and place T-shirts in a hanging T-shirt organizer if you have an abundance of clothing but not an abundance of drawer space. Anyone who collects concert and graphic tees needs this.

    three images of roll keeper with t-shirts in it and without

    20. Avoid scratching and banging your cookware together by trying to nest them in your cabinets. Opt for a storage system that'll allow you to stack them with ample space between them so they're easy to grab and won't get beat up in the long run.

    21. Categorize and keep your bed sheets together with a set of sheet straps. These will tell you exactly what size mattress they're for and keep them together so you don't have to rip open your entire linen closet just to find a cohesive set of sheets.

    Three sheet sets with sheet keeper wrapped around

    22. Invest in a storage option for your lil' one's plethora of hair bows like this macramé hair accessory holder. This will make it easy for you to grab exactly which bow you want to style in their hair AND will look super colorful hanging in their bedroom.

    23. Make rummaging through your bra drawer a thing of the past with a tank top and sports bra hanger that can hold a handful of camis, bras, and workout tops in one easy-to-access place. This hanger doesn't take up much space at all.

    Reviewer holds up the tank top holder

    24. Free up counter space by snagging a magnetic paper towel holder and attach it to the fridge. You'll never have to worry about your sink splashing water all over your paper towel roll again AND you'll now have a more visually appealing sink area.

    25. Declutter your garage with a door rack organizer since you gotta store those rakes, mops, brooms, and shovels somewhere.

    Brooms and rakes attached to garage door rack

    26. Create an organized, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with a mounted towel rack. Now you'll always have a freshly washed towel waiting for you when you hop out of the shower. I currently have a basket in my bathroom, but am thinking this is a better solution to free up floor space.

    27. Utilize every inch of your fridge with this yogurt holder that sticks effortlessly to the interior wall. Refrigerator shelf space can be like finding a unicorn, but with this nifty contraption, you can create more needed shelf space.

    yogurt organizer inside wall of refrigerator

    28. And grab this K-Cup organizer to keep your pods off the counter and out of view. This can stick under your cabinets for easy grabbing.

    Upping your organization game?