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    25 Home Decor Pieces Reviewers Are "Obsessed" With

    Sometimes all your home needs is that little touch of *pizazz* to make it feel elevated.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A realistic moon-shaped light so you can ~finally~ read by the glow of moonlight. Isn't she a beaut?!

    Reviewer holds moon light in hand showing other color / brightness level
    The moon light on its hand-shaped perch

    Promising reviews: "Absolutely obsessed with this. Really beautiful 3D printing. Dimming feature is very easy to use, and the brightest option is very illuminating." —Sam L

    "I originally bought the 7-inch moon for my husband as an 'I love you to the moon and back' gift for our anniversary... Well, I loved his moon so much that I kept stealing it from our bedroom and taking it to the living room. So I bought myself the 5.9-inch moon to compare sizes and have one to call my own. As it turns out, the slightly smaller 5.9-inch one is just as amazing as the 7-inch. These moons charge up fast with a cord (with a cool 'blue moon' color when charging) and then once charged, they are completely free from cords or any connection dependence. They light up with a very detailed real moon surface design in white or yellow, and it will totally mesmerize you. You can literally 'hold the whole moon in your hand' and use it as a cordless and battery-free lamp, a nightlight, a lantern, or quasi-candle in the dark. The wood stand is sleek and super easy to assemble, and is a perfect accent to any room décor. These moons are the best gift for friends, family, co-workers, kids, pets, and spouses." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in four sizes).

    2. seashell pillow to spruce up your arm chairs or couch with a hint of oceanic beauty. 

    pink shell pillow on a green velvet couch
    the purple version and white version of the seashell pillow

    Promising reviews: "So cute, I'm obsessed! Soft, well made, and perfect size!" —haley

    "Wow. This pillow is so beautiful. I seriously can't stop looking at it. The color is so vibrant." —Jackie

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in 19 colors and two sizes).

    3. Some faux pampas grass plumes that'll add so much life to your space with zero upkeep. I have some of these and they're a great way to put your favorite vases to work. 

    tan pampas grass in a vase sitting beside a black dresser
    reviewer photo of the beige faux pampas plumes in a glass vase on top of a wooden cabinet

    Brooklyn Theory is a small business that offers faux pampas grass and dried palm leaves to add a floral pop to your home. 

    Promising reviews: "This arrangement has completely transformed the space. I'm obsessed! Definitely purchasing more!" —Megan Minor

    "I love these faux pampas. They're such good quality. The best thing is that they don’t shed like real pampas. I highly recommend this product. It’s so on-trend and makes for beautiful statement and decor." —jazG

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99 (available in nine colors).

    4. A handmade moon phase garland you can hang over your bed for some aesthetically pleasing cosmic vibes.

    A gold garland strung above a bed with moons in waxing and waning phases strung along it

    Base Roots is a woman-owned small business based in Las Vegas.

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with my moons!! As soon as I hung it up, it added so much flair, personality, and elegance to my room even while it seems like such a simple addition. I got it almost a year ago and it is still just as vibrant and shiny as the day it came. It is honestly the perfect touch to any room. I even decided to get one for my office cubicle at work. If you’re even slightly considering getting this piece, I’m telling you do it!! 10/10." —Nasya Lynn

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    5. record display shelf to exhibit the vinyl you're listening to. It's such an amazing way to keep track of what vinyl is on the turntable and it doubles as some cool wall art.

    now spinning rack with glenn miller vinyl sitting on it
    now spinning shelf with folklore by taylor swift sitting on it
    Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    Record Racks is a small business located in Austin, Texas.

    This is my second shelf from Record Racks since I moved and had one up on my wall in my childhood bedroom. It's one of my fave ways to display my records and doubles as a fun wall piece. It's such a conversation starter and def want to get a bunch of these for my friends for the holidays this year. It easily applies to the wall with command strips (these are provided for you) and your installation is complete! I'm so obsessed with it, it's probably the biggest convo starter in my space.

    Get it from Record Racks on Etsy for $17.99 (available in 14 colors).

    6. A space night-light projector so your bedroom ceiling can be all sparkly, whimsical, and galactic.

    reviewer image of spinning projector light reflecting mulitcolored space images on the walls
    Reviewer image of the nightlight projector in yellow/gold mode

    It powers itself either through USB or three AA batteries, and comes with five different patterns: magical planet, starry star, constellation, undersea world, and even a happy birthday one that will be very on theme whenever there's a celebration in your household.

    Promising reviews: "This is so beautiful! We are obsessed. Very easy to use. It has three different light settings so it can be dimmed. Great product. I will order again as a gift!" —Simone Han

    "This product is a really nice gift for kids and even adults. The night lamp when lit in the dark room feels like you're out in the woods where there's no city glow and you're gazing at the stars. The quality of the pixel is really good (sharp images) and the images move around." —Rae Cai

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    7. A set of geode bookends that'll keep your books from looking lopsided and sad. This'll cheer them (and perk them) right up with a pop of color. 

    A reviewer's bookends in natural
    The bookends in pink

    They also look pretty dang gorgeous just sitting there by themselves!

    JIC Gem is a small business that specializes in crystals in healing stones. 

    Promising reviews: "Love these! They're beautiful, and hold my books together very well. Obsessed with the design and the overall vibe they bring to my space. Will definitely be buying these as gifts! Beyond happy with this purchase." —Dara Mrotek

    "Love it — the rocks are BEAUTIFUL. These are great book holders. I have them across my fireplace mantel and have had nothing but compliments. Highly recommended for the crystal quality and I’ll definitely be ordering more in other colors in the future. Thanks." —GH

    Get a pair from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in six colors and six weights).

    8. A stunning floral coaster so you can be happy knowing your coffee table is protected and looking floral-tastic.

    Set of transparent coasters with uneven edged gold rim and white pressed flowers inside
    Poppy & Pour / Etsy

    Poppy & Pour is a California-based Etsy shop established in 2020 that specializes in custom flower coasters, keychains, and more.

    Promising reviews: "Obsessed with these coasters! Originally only bought two and then turned around and bought two more because I just couldn’t get enough. Even prettier in person!" —Shelby B

    "I got the surprise option with and without the gold rim, and I’m so happy that I got an even balance of white and multicolored coasters. These are so beautiful and can’t wait to use them!" —Jenny H.

    Get it from Poppy & Pour on Etsy for $14+ (available with or without gold trim).

    9. A Victorian decorative mirror that'll look gorgeous amidst a gallery wall. I purchased these and have them in my living room and they are *chef's kiss*. You can also utilize it as a gorgeous vanity tray for some of your fave beauty products and jewelry.

    mirror in gold
    mirror being used as a trinket dish

    I am obsessed with these mirrors. I got them with the intention of putting them somewhere in my living room but once I was laying out my gallery wall I knew they had to be integrated in it somehow. I was so happy they offered it in two different sizes so you could pair them together because two of the same size would be overbearing. I think these would make a super cute addition to a bathroom as well to use as a vanity or jewelry tray!

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in two colors).

    10. A match cloche for a fun and elevated way to keep matches handy for your coveted candles. I have one of these and it's probs the coolest thing in my apartment.

    two match cloches sitting on a table
    reviewer image of cloche next to candle

    Promising review: "I’m obsessed with my smoked match cloche! It’s the perfect accessory to my coffee table, console table, etc. The slight smoke color gives it a nice moody vibe. It comes with durable matches and the back of the cloche has a stripe to light the match. Overall this product was worth it! I love it so much." —H**g

    Get it from Amazon for $37.95+ (available in four colors and two sizes).

    11. And (obvi), a custom Scent Lab candle because you know it'll feature a scent you love, AND that the vessel (which you also get to customize) will match the aesthetic of your home to a T.

    various different candles on pedestals surrounded by disco balls
    @shopscentlab / Via

    Scent Lab is a woman-owned small business whose mission was to change the way we shop for candles, making them a personalized experience from the vessel to the scent inside.

    I have a custom Scent Lab candle and not only was it so fun to make, but when I received it I was shook at how amazing it smelled. I absolutely love being able to customize things to fit my aesthetic (yes, I'm one of those "aesthetic snobs") and it looks absolutely stunning on my TV stand. Highly recommend these high quality, and stunning candles! They would also make an amazing gift! Couldn't be more obsessed.

    Get one a Scent Lab for $36 (available in various vessel colors and scents). 

    12. An abstract ceramic vase — aka your new side table focal point. This is stunning in every sense of the word.

    The vase on top of some lace fabric
    Reviewer photo of the vase holding some dried flowers on a living room table

    Promising reviews: "This vase is SO cute and great quality. Looks perfect on my bookshelf and I am completely obsessed with it. I bought it for the bottom shelf but I ended up re-arranging to the top because I wanted people to see it. Don't hesitate to get this gem." —Amazon Customer

    "This is my favorite vase! It's beautiful for a centerpiece on my dining table. Love the print, the quality, and the size. Very unique. Already received tons of compliments." —Laura Demetrious

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in white and black).

    13. Or this ceramic flower vase that deserves a literal *fist bump* for how cute it's about to make your dining table. 

    Promising reviews: "Such a nice little vase that’s so different and pretty — obsessed with how it looks." —Maram Rahhal

    "I cannot say enough good things about this item — see for yourself. *Clenches heart* I even took it upon myself to paint the nails to match the mala beads I put inside. Do not hesitate on this purchase!" —Mari

    Get it from Amazon for $17.50.

    14. A small eye rug if your living space is currently looking too minimalist for your liking and you need something that's going to add some color and pizazz to your floors. Eye spy this rug in your future.

    Promising reviews: "I'm obsessed with this rug. It's so incredibly soft. Colors are vibrant." —nicole smith

    "Very soft, unique, beautiful. I love it. The rug is an eye-catcher and statement piece for my currently still-under-decorated living room. Very boho, which is what I was looking for." —BBreez

    Get it from Amazon $23.99+ (available in three colors and eight sizes).

    15. A rattan hexagon tray to utilize as a coffee table focal point you can style with smaller decor pieces like candles! It also works great as a makeshift "coaster" for your drinks.

    rattan tray used on side table with champagne flutes on it
    rattan tray holding a perfume and oil

    Promising review: "This is absolutely adorable. I’m obsessed with all things rattan right now so this tray adds a special touch and some character to my countertop!" —Jenna Falkenthal

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in two colors).

    16. A checkered throw blanket that looks super chic AND is comparable to the expensive Barefoot Dreams blankets. This is my new fave blanket and it gets me a ton of compliments. When I tell people it's from Amazon they can't believe it.

    burnt orange checkered blanket on chair
    writer ali's dog laying on checker blanket on couch
    Amazon, Ali Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    I am obsessed with this blanket. It's so cozy and I keep it on my couch at all times. It holds up incredibly well in the wash and it doesn't shed one bit. My pup also adores it. I will probably end up snagging it in another color for the fall and will for sure be a go-to gift option for me this holiday season. 

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99+ (available in six colors and two sizes).

    17. strawberry vase perfect for a sweet touch you'll want to add to your home immediately.

    giant strawberry shaped vase with daisies inside

    Promising review: "Oh my god I am obsessed with this. This is literally my favorite purchase I've made on this website. When I got it I was so excited. The paint is very vibrant and pretty and it's a lot bigger than I thought. I'm in love with this vase and I think you will be too. You need to get this." —Jemma

    Get it from Amazon for $25.95.

    18. prismatic window film because they provide a bit of privacy while also producing a ton of rainbows in your home once the sun hits it just right.

    reviewer's work desk with the window film applied to the window above it and rainbows cast across the desk
    reviewer photo of their dog covered in the sun-cast rainbows

    Promising review: "I never write reviews, but I am seriously obsessed with my windows now after applying this window film. They have a beautiful rainbow shine to them and still let in an incredible amount of light, all while providing the appropriate privacy. I even decided to buy more and apply it in the large front window of my house and the basement windows because I wanted more of that beautiful rainbow effect to look at." —Sergeant

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in eight sizes).

    19. A Cowboy Cats print that'll add some *yee* to your *haw* and look dang cute hanging on your wall.

    print of two cats wearing cowboy outfits
    Animal Crew / Etsy

    Animal Crew is a US-based small business has an eclectic collection of critters in all sorts of costumes. If you're looking for home decor that'll give you a laugh, look no further than Animal Crew! 

    Promising review: "I got the print in matte. I adore the print! It’s vibrant and good quality, and I’m obsessed with it." —Gabrielle Strahan 

    Get it from Animal Crew on Etsy for $19+ (available in six sizes and two styles). 

    20. very boring banner to show every single one of your house guests that you have a sense of humor. Something about this banner says you're actually NOT boring...but I digress.

    sparkling tassel banner that says we're boring
    Fun Cult / Etsy

    FYI most of the products from this shop are made to order and thus, they take a little extra time to ship — keep that in mind when making your purchase! 

    Fun Cult is a woman-owned small business run by Caitlin Holcomb in Aurora, Illinois. 

    Promising review: "I am absolutely obsessed with my banner! It was such an amazing addition to my party. Everyone loved taking pictures in front of it. Thank you!!" —Elizabeth Stone

    Get it from Fun Cult on Etsy for $40+ (available in three styles). 

    21. A hand-sculpted Katie Kimmel Dalmatian vase so doggone cute you'll be gifting them to everyone in your life...including yourself.

    a buzzfeed writer's dalmatian vase
    Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    Katie Kimmel is a Mojave Desert-based artist. She not only sells ceramics, but apparel, stationary, and stickers, too. 

    My colleague Chelsea Stuart adores this vase:

    "Years ago Katie did a collab with Urban Outfitters where they sold her Dalmatian vases and I was INSTANTLY in love. While it was my dream to own one, I was also not at a place in my life where I could drop $125 on made-to-order dog decor. I was crushed when the collab ended and thought about the vase frequently and then, when I landed my job at BuzzFeed, I thought there was no more fitting gift to myself, so I headed to her site to order one straight from the source! I was nervous that I'd have buyer's remorse, but TBH I am still just as obsessed with it now as the day I unwrapped it. It feels way more special than a store-bought vase and I'm hoping that one day I'll have kids/grandkids who'll be amped to inherit it." 

    Get it from Katie Kimmel for $125.

    Note: These are made to order and take 4 weeks to ship! 

    22. A garden snake tea light holder to make you ~hiss~ in excitement once you see how cute it looks on your foyer table.

    the snake tea light holders around small lit candles
    Moderniche Art / Etsy

    Moderniche Art is a small business in Los Angeles serving up some cute home decor! The shop has handmade trinket dishes, pottery, and prints.

    My colleague Mallory Mower adores this set:

    "My birthday gift to myself last year was the full garden snake set (my home office is my 'dark room' and these were an obvious necessity). The quality is spot-on and customer service was top-notch! I'm genuinely obsessed!

    Promising review: "This little snake tea light holder is one of the best things I've ever purchased on Etsy! It is truly so adorable and very well made! It exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend buying from this seller!" —Leah Applebee

    Get it from Moderniche Art on Etsy for $16+ (available with or without a tray). 

    23. A Lego bouquet that's an activity and decor piece all wrapped into one. The best part is you never have to worry about changing their water or them wilting! 

    Promising reviews: "Obsessed!! So cute and fun to assemble." —Taylor

    "This is as good as it gets when art meets engineering. Very happy about the purchase, and the price is a steal for what you get. Will last for many years to come, year around." —Jonas

    Get it from Amazon for $53.98.

    24. An iridescent mini shelf featuring six levels so you can display your collection of sunglasses, nail polishes, or the Trolls collection you've been worshipping since you were 8-years-old. (Listen, Trolls dolls are cool, OK?)

    multiple mini shelves stacked together by reviewer
    shelves holding up five rows of sunglasses and mounted on reviewer's wall

    Promising reviews: "Obsessed! So easy to put together and they hold my dip powders so well!!!" —Kayla Smith

    "These are in great shape and perfect as sunglasses shelves. I used a level, and they were easy to install. I highly recommend these and will probably buy more!" —Samantha G.

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (available in other styles). 

    25. Some vinyl tangerine decals if you're looking for a renter-friendly option for sprucing up your space without worrying about messing up the walls. These'll make any white wall look absolutely adorable.

    reviewer photo of their bathroom with the tangerine wall decals on the back wall
    reviewer photo of the tangerine stickers on their refrigerator

    Promising reviews: "I am obsessed. I wish they came in different designs for this price...I would use them EVERYWHERE. Thought I would need two orders for this wall but one was perfect. Still have a few left to fill in behind the lamp." —Maria Reynolds

    "Love these decals! I’m in a rental space and wanted to spruce things up for the summer without breaking the bank. It took me 20 minutes to do, super easy to stick and smooth out nicely, even on my textured walls. Makes my space so much cozier and is a very budget friendly option, especially for renters. I will say that two of my decals did rip when I was removing them from the paper... cutting the torn pieces off and using on the edge of the wall made for an easy fix. Completely worth the money!!!" —Casey

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (for 32 decals).

    Once you see how amazing your space looks all put together.