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18 Memorable Moments From "That's So Raven"

Oh snap — that's me.

*OH SNAP* — we're here to take you on an iconic Raven-Symoné ride (queue the Boyz 'N Motion soundtrack playing in the background) to count down the top That's So Raven moments.

Raven-Symoné was a force on Disney Channel. Seeing her trajectory from Raven Baxter, to Galleria in The Cheetah Girls, to those iconic commercial music videos of "Some Call It Magic" and "A Dream Is a Wish" (I know you remember these) was a crucial era in our pre-teen lives.

Let's embark on a ~VISION~ down memory lane and explore these top-notch That's So Raven moments together, shall we?

1. When Cory and Miles try to hypnotize Raven and Chelsea to fall in love with them, but Mr. Baxter falls into a deep sleep instead and they end up cooking for him on his TV interview.

2. When Raven gives Reptile Rick a run for his money by wrestling a plush anaconda. I mean, it's the thought that counts...right?

3. When Raven and Chelsea turn into legitimate cows after concocting a witch's brew from Grandma Viv's spellbook. 🐮🐮

4. When the v important Black History Month episode aired, and Raven and her friends successfully expose the racist Sassy store manager for discriminating against Black people.

5. When the Boyz 'N Motion show up. BOYZ, WE ARE THE BOYZ 'N MOTION, WE GIVE YOU OUR DEVOTION.

6. When the Parmesan cheese wheel gets planted in the school ventilation system as payback for instituting school uniforms. And of course Raven crawls through the ceiling to save the day and retrieve (AKA eat) it. 🧀

7. When Raven and Chelsea were contestants on TermiDate and had to exhibit an impressive amount of upper body strength while dangling over a tar pit to win a date with Chad.

8. When Raven was on a cook-off show with her dad and accidentally ate a mushroom...

9. When Raven shows true friendship by sticking up for Eddie and normalizing face zits.

Raven sticking up for Eddie

10. When Raven shows us that it's okay to be scared of the dentist, but that the true fear is the anticipation and it's really not so bad.

11. When she proves that pizza skiing should truly be an Olympic sport.

12. When she was a caring big sis and wanted to help Cory join a skateboarding crew (but also didn't want him to get hurt).

13. When she and Chelsea expose the new food court for being extremely unhealthy for the student body and supply them with grade-A health facts.

14. When Raven designs her own dress and models it herself to prove that there's not just one look that's beautiful. *BRAVA!*

15. When Raven helps Sydney explore her passion for comedy and also mentors her on how to create her own clothing.

16. When Raven convinces her mom to have a spa day with her because she secretly wants to meet her fave pop star Myesha. Oh yeah — and Mrs. Baxter is the GOAT for helping get Raven out of her accidental dog-napping mess.

17. When Raven crashes Donna Cabonna's fashion show and goes after her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and ends up getting offered an internship.

18. And, of course, when that iconic catchphrase comes up in an episode and you're instantly taken back to the good old pre-teen days.

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