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11 Worst-Case Alien Interaction Scenarios And How To Respond

It's probably going to be bad... but maybe it doesn't have to be. But until these situations come up in real life, Alien: Isolation is a solid place to test out just a couple of ways you could respond.

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1. When you can hear the alien banging around your ship:

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Your only option: Find some cover, that thing is coming, and there's no guarantee it's not going to try to eat you.

2. When you probably — probably — heard the alien right behind you: /

Your only option: You're probably dead anyway, but don't turn around. DON'T TURN AROUND. Keep moving forward. Quietly.

3. When the alien's entire body is just pointy things: /

Your only option: Root out the ejection pod because you need to get outta there tout de suite, amigo.

4. When the alien thinks you're cute:

Your only option: Play up the cuteness; remember that your only defense mechanism right now is being as adorable as possible.

5. When the alien offers you something:

Your only option: Assume it's attempting to nourish you. Sure, it might be trying to fatten you up for harvest, but not accepting presents is rude.

6. When the aliens have OCD:

Your only option: Let them organize. You just might be able to survive.

7. When the alien tries to eat your face:

Your only option: Get it off your face! It's trying to eat your brain — you have to kill it until it's dead!

8. When the alien has disguised itself as a human:

Your only option: Blend in with your surroundings; it clearly knows what you look like and will use that to its advantage.

9. When the alien starts bursting out of your friend's chest:

Your only option: You need to run away. If that thing ate through your friend's chest, it can just as easily eat through yours.

10. When the alien is bigger than you:

Your only option: Make lots of fast motions and loud noises; it might be as afraid of you as you are of it, but weird noises might convince it you can spray acid or shoot sharp things back.

11. When the aliens start colonizing Earth:

Your only option: You need to get off this planet. Aliens will most likely be here for our natural resources, which could also mean you. You might be delicious to aliens.