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SIMPLE RECIPE delicious profiteroles

Oil draining. (Margarine) 200 g. Water 1 tbsp. Flour 1 tbsp. 0.5 tsp salt Eggs 4 pcs. Cream Oil drain. 100 gr. Boiled condensed milk 1 b In a saucepan send water, oil, and water boils sol.Kak only lays the flour and remove from heat brew dough 1-2 min.bystro all peremeshivaya.Zavarnoy basis give a little ostyt.Dobavlyaem one egg well knead the dough using testo.Otsazhivaem pastry bag or lozhki.Vypekaem in preheated oven t 180-200 '15-20 min.Daem cool, fill kremom.Posypaem sah.pudroy and pour chocolate Recipes: Cakes - Recipes: Desserts and sweets - Recipes: MAIN DISHES - Recipes: MAINTENANCE - Recipes: Recipe For Houses - My Channel: My Blog: Group Facebook Music: http: //

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