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23 Lessons Kids Are Learning Through Activism

Parents worldwide are teaching their children valuable lessons through protest. Here's the take-away.

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1. Find your own voice and use it.

Jenny Sowry / Via

2. Say NO to bullies.

Monster Mas / Via

3. Using your voice to stand up for others is ALWAYS the right choice.

Dimitri Mellos / Via

4. Nasty women start training early.

Varksi Yogini-Colleen Baird / Via Facebook: permalink.php

5. Diversity is what makes this country special. Inclusiveness counts.

Instagram: @iammarkronson / Via @iammarkronson

6. Even naughty grown-ups should be subject to timeouts.

Even #kids know this is messed up. #portland #womensmarch

Tamsin Lee / Via Twitter: @AcuTams

7. Girl power is world power. When girls win, we all win.

Kira Bucca / Via

8. Boys march too. Or catch a ride on Mum's shoulders. Close enough.

Nicola Bailey Photography / Via Facebook: NicolaBaileyPhotography

9. Growing up to be like Mom isn't a bad thing.

Ari Margolis / Via

10. Love is the most powerful tool you possess. Share it with the world.

Reagon Cara

11. There is always power in numbers. Unite.

Radio Bilingue / Via Facebook: radiobilingue

12. Standing for love knows no gender.

Zack Peter / Via Facebook: justplainzack

13. Our disabilities don't define us. What makes us different, makes us beautiful. Embrace diversity.

The most powerful sign of the #WomensMarch.

Julia loffe / Via Twitter: @juliaioffe

14. Girl power is a super power. That EVERY girl possesses.

Renee Bracey Sherman / Via Facebook: reneebraceysherman

15. The really good dads join their daughters in the fight for women's rights!

Kat Clark Photography / Via Facebook: bykatclark

16. Boys can be feminists too!

Scott Nevins / Via Facebook: OfficialScottNevins

17. Love transcends generations. And also, Grandma is a total badass.

Roseny Carrero / Via Facebook: 1roseny

18. Take naps. Lots of naps. But don't forget to stay woke. Super woke.

Shut it down. Today's best sign (via @womensmarch).

Johanna Fuentes / Via Twitter: @jfuentes

19. Boys will NOT just be boys. They'll be GOOD humans!

Mark Morford / Via Facebook: markmorfordyes

20. Say nope to the grope.

JenAshleyWright / Via Twitter: @JenAshleyWright

21. You have a say in your future!

22. Don't let history repeat itself.

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23. And the most simple lesson of all? Don't be naughty. Just be nice.

Pia Chatterjee / Via
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