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    Posted on Dec 26, 2015

    15 Pets Who Ruined Christmas Because "Fuck You, That's Why"

    Furry little grinches.

    Not everyone loves Christmas. In fact, these pets really, really didn't like it at all.

    And they want to make sure you know it.

    1. "I'm going to knock this down and there is nothing you can do to stop me."

    2. "Get out of my way, baby Jesus."

    Great, the cat's kicked Baby Jesus over. Christmas is ruined.

    3. This dog didn't even hang around to see the fallout from his actions.

    4. Sure, these two look sweet and innocent...

    ...but they actually just want to watch Christmas burn.

    5. This guy literally ate Santa and is pretending to feel bad about it.

    6. "Fuck your Christmas tree."

    7. "Oh, you didn't want these presents squashed?" Norman doesn't give a fuck.

    8. "What are you looking at?!?"

    9. "What's the problem, hooman? I was decorating."

    10. Opie has no regrets.

    Welp. Christmas is ruined. Nieces are balling. Opie ate 7 Twinkies from the 1st batch of the new Twinkie maker.

    11. "Why would you put this here if you didn't want me to kill it?"

    12. "It had my name on it. I'm sure it did."

    13. "It was in my way."

    14. "I didn't see it and I don't know how it happened."

    15. "Nomnomnom."

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