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    Look At This Amazing Cat Who Goes On Adventures

    This is a truly magnificent cat.

    Meet Jesper. He is 3 years old, lives in Norway and is probably the most adventurous cat in the world.

    Unlike the lazy cats you are used to, Jesper loves the outdoors.

    He likes snow.

    He swims.

    Stor mo / YouTube / Via

    He rides bikes.

    He climbs trees and traverses rivers.

    He has a bunch of horses to pull him around in a glorious buggy.

    They are pretty good mates.

    AND Jesper even goes skiing.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Look at him go!

    When he gets tired of doing all the work, Jesper just makes himself comfortable aboard his human and takes a break.

    Einar Nymoen, the father of Jesper’s owner, told BuzzFeed News Jesper is a very “special” cat.

    "When my daughter got Jesper she started taking him on trips to go fishing or hiking or camping," Nymoen said.

    "I've never met a cat like Jesper before. He behaves more like a dog."

    So majestic. Much adventure.

    Jesper, you are an inspiration.