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    This Hedgehog Is So Fat He Can't Even Roll Up Into A Ball Any More

    Seriously, you need to see this huge hog.

    Meet Jabba, the fattest hedgehog you will probably ever see.

    Phil Yeomans / BNPS

    Jabba, also known as The Big One, was found by a kindly lady who took him in as a baby and fed him.

    He weighs almost 4Ibs (about 1.8kg) – three times the size of an average hedgehog – after growing up on a diet of dog paté and dried mealworms.

    Phil Yeomans / BNPS
    Phil Yeomans / BNPS

    He may have been a little ~too~ pampered.

    Due to his large size, Jabba can't curl up and has trouble walking.

    His carer has now handed him over to the Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue in England to prepare him for a return to the wild.

    At the wildlife sanctuary, Jabba has been put on a strict diet to get him slimmed down before he can be released.

    Phil Yeomans / BNPS

    Animal carer Emma Hickey told BuzzFeed News Jabba "can walk, but it's more of a wobble. He doesn't like to walk and he can't roll up properly."

    He needs to lose weight so he can curl up properly and protect himself, Hickey said. "We are hoping to release him back into the wild after he has lost the weight."

    Phil Yeomans / BNPS

    Jabba has been at the sanctuary for a week and has so far lost 40g on a diet of puppy food and water.

    Jabba is also in a large enclosure and his food is kept at one end and his bed at the other to encourage him to exercise.

    Phil Yeomans / BNPS

    "He's the biggest hedgehog I've ever seen," Hickey said. "He's the size of a football but we hope he will lose the weight in two or three months."

    Good luck, Jabba!

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