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    Ladylike: We Met With Tyler The Hollywood Medium And It Got Highly Emotional

    This stuff is heavy.

    Deciding to visit a medium in hopes of getting in touch with a deceased loved one is kind of a big deal.

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    You have to be prepared for pretty much anything, as you'll see.

    The girls from "Ladylike" did just that as part of this season's "Bucket List" theme.

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    That's right. Kristin, Freddie, Jen, and Chantel all went to see none other than Tyler the Hollywood Medium.

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    Devin had seen "The Try Guys" have a reading with Tyler, and thought it would be a great idea for the ladies, too.

    Since Devin had already been to a medium previously and was able to get in contact with her grandfather, she wanted to give the other girls a chance to experience something like that.


    The ladies went into this whole thing with mixed emotions. Kristin and Jen were skeptical of mediums and psychics as a whole.


    But they could all agreed that the mediums themselves almost always believe they're doing something helpful.

    Tyler immediately picked up on some male energy from Freddie. She had been hoping to get in touch with her grandfather who passed away a couple of months ago.


    Tyler said, "He doesn't acknowledge needing that last goodbye, with everyone by his side in those last moments. He feels like he was able to create his own closure."

    Kristin didn't really have a specific person she wanted to contact, but was curious to see what was out there.


    She was taken aback when Tyler picked up on her grandfather's name. He also said her grandfather was aware there was a rift in the family among brothers, but that it was okay.

    Freddie also really wanted to talk to her maternal grandmother, Frederica, who died at 49 years old before Freddie was born.


    Tyler picked up on the fact that she died before her time. He explained, "They're not defined by how they passed."

    Then it was time for Jen and Chantel to meet with Tyler.


    He immediately picked up on energy from Chantel about a future opportunity having to do with activism. He also saw her working with another woman sometime down the line. Interesting...

    When he turned his attention to Jen, Tyler picked up on a grandmother figure and three female siblings.


    He also knew about another death within an 18-month period following Jen's grandmother's passing.

    Tyler also zeroed in on an awesome opportunity for one of Jen's sisters on the east coast. How random!


    He said, "They're showing me tech and a job change. Do it. Do it!"

    Chantel really wanted to get in touch with her childhood dog, Kiki, who died a couple of years ago.


    Tyler immediately told Chantel he saw her adorable little dog who looked like a little deer. Awwww!

    Tyler then explained how being a medium can be totally exhausting because it's a physical process where he exerts a whole lot of energy.


    He becomes hyper-aware of his body to be on the lookout for physical sensations, sounds, voices, sometimes even a smell.

    After identifying Tyler's voice as perfect for ASMR, they all decided to have a little fun after such a serious day and recorded a fitting conclusion for this episode.